Africans Rising
For Justice, Peace and Dignity 

The Kilimanjaro Declaration 

We, the citizens and descendants of Africa, as part of the Africans Rising Movement, are outraged by the centuries of oppression; we condemn the plunder of our natural and mineral resources and the suppression of our fundamental human rights.

We are determined to foster an Africa-wide solidarity and unity of purpose of the Peoples of Africa to build the Future we want – a right to peace, social inclusion and shared prosperity.

On 23-24 August 2016, two hundred and seventy two representatives from civil society, trade unions, women, young people, men, people living with disabilities, parliamentarians, media organisations and faith-based groups, from across Africa and the African diaspora gathered in Arusha, Tanzania and committed to build a pan-African movement that recognises these rights and freedoms of our People.


  1. Africa is a rich continent. That wealth belongs to all our People, not to a narrow political and economic elite. We need to fight for economic development that is just and embraces social inclusion and environmental care. We have a right to the ‘better life’ our governments have promised.
  2. Africans have a diverse, rich and powerful heritage that is important to heal ourselves and repair the damage done by neoliberalism to our humanity and environment.  Being African, embracing the philosophy of Ubuntu should be a source of our pride.
  3. African Youth are a critical foundation of building the success in our continent and must play a central role in building Africans Rising.
  4. Africa’s Diaspora whether displaced through slavery and colonialism or part of modern day migration are part of Africa’s history and future. They are a reservoir of skills, resources and passion that must be harnessed and integrated into our movement.
  5. We are committed to a decentralised, citizen-owned future that will build support and solidarity for local struggles, empower local leadership and immerse our activists in grassroots work of building social movements from below and beyond borders.
  6. We are committed to building a citizens movement that is accountable to the constituencies we represent and enforcing the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


  1. Expanding space for civic and political action
  2. Fighting for women’s rights and freedoms across society
  3. Focussing our struggles on the right to Equity and Dignity
  4. Demanding good governance as we fight corruption and impunity
  5. Demanding climate and environmental justice


Join this Africans Rising Movement and mobilise our people around this shared vision; organise and connect local struggles under this umbrella; galvanise solidarity with all African struggles. This movement is committed to peace and non-violent action. We assert our inherent rights as Africans and invite our governments, leaders, other stakeholders and institutions to join us in pursuing the Future We Want to leave our future generations.

We commit to mobilising our people in Africa to launch this Movement on the 25th May, 2017, when we deepen the meaning of African Liberation Day and call on all sectors of our society to mobilise and organise events in every African country that will build the momentum towards the genuine liberation of our beautiful continent.










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  2. My hope and prayer is that Civil Society, the citizens of Africa, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora and all those concerned with the plight of the African continent and its people will now see the need and importance of rising up and speaking with one voice and demand for better governance and accountability from its leaders – the only missing catalyst to the latent growth and development of the continent.

    1. A very important sector for this transformation which we must not overlook is the academia. Liberation courses should be taught in our universities. Lecturers and teachers who are in touch with and can influence our youths and children should be a part of this struggle

  3. This was amazing platform for Africans to come together and join hands in sharing challenges that cut across the continent and coming up with tangible actionable way forward. Therefore its upon those who were privileged to attend the forum to help in internalizing the issues locally and make citizens own them and be able to take action under one strong voice and believe its only then that we shall get the change that we all desire to see Africans rising.

  4. As young African, It is our duty to make a change.
    We are the generation that can make a difference.
    Being African has inner values that ze need to protect, We need to protect our dignity and become the leaders our communities need in order to build a sustainable continent.

  5. I know this declaration included young people and youth. I do believe however that Africa’s children need specific focus as their needs are different from the youth. Is there anyway to specifically include our youngest African citizens?

  6. What is declared is a very good move for all Africans. This is the time to demand for equal rights, our wealth, justice,peace, equal opportunities in all spheres of life as Africans because we are a blessed continent and we deserve better. The ball is now in our hands to act politely in solidarity and in unity with one voice and together we can create a change that we all want to see in Africa.

    Thanks to the initiators and brains behind the African rising Movement!

  7. Guys, this is an awesome opportunity to make Africa Shine. We had hatched the same idea with number of Activists across the world during our meeting here in United States. I really hope there is no need to reinvent the wheel. I will be sharing the links with other Activists who were pursuing the same.

  8. I was blessed to be present Arusha, Tanzania for the Kilimanjaro Declaration. The tempo was good and rejuvenating. It united the Africans all over to realize how blessed they are to be in this continent. Africa is a blessed continent and the citizens shoud be made to realize this. We must rise above the modern colonization of allowing other people to rise above us in our countries. We cannot patronize colonialism by giving out the spaces for our children to foreigners and beg them to employ them in their own countries. It is sad that this is happening in the 21st Century. African Rising Movement will create opportunities for Africans to be enlightened and think right.

  9. No one can deny the mutual interconnection of our destiny as Africans. Be it the northern, southern, eastern or western African countries, our history, culture and color speaks of an undeniable oneness. We are one people, with a common destiny. The earlier we start speaking with one voice; rising in a common manner; marching together against our common enemy, the better for the present and future generations.

  10. This is an inspiring declaration and movement. As someone who works in the faith community, we will do all to mobilise our people behind this declaration and launch it on 25 May 2017. ALL Africans, those who live on the continent and those in the diaspora, should find ways to unite behind this declaration and movement.

  11. Great movement. Africans must take destiny into their own hands. Waiting for outsiders corrupt elites will send us back into economic slavery. Guys the key ingredients for Africa librtation is not more aid but entrepreneurship engineers and scientist. This to me make no sense that there are more Africans engineers and scientists in the u.s. than Africa. These countries don’t respects us, our rights are abused in these countries we continue to build. African leaders are more occupied solving conflicts than economic development. We must end conflicts now. Leave outside help alone. We can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  12. Humbled by this inspiring and timely intervention,on behalf of Bunge La Mwanainchi social movement in Kenya.We commit to join and participate and advance the core values and Kilimanjaro Decralation.

  13. While I was not born into the continent, nor carry a passport from any African nation, I consider myself and all human beings to be originally and fundamentally African in our heritage. I am proud and honoured to support this movement of Africans rising for justice and peace and equity. Amandla Matla!

  14. Myself and some other youths of Nigeria at ho me andin diaspora were just thinking of how to chart a new course when a friend shared this with me.i am %100 in for the sake of our tomorrow

  15. Thanks for providing a huge platform like this to bring minds together for the sole purpose of rising Africa and Africans. I pledge to spread this gospel. Ubuntu!

  16. I dreamed of a united Africa, one Africa, one African Nation, democratic Africa, my dream will come true.

    Proudly African ❤

  17. Surely Afrika will rise above the ridiculous limits we Afrikans set upon our hopes and dreams
    I raise my hand as one of the people who champion the internal principles of Beauty, Love and Justice

    Xola Sizwe (Peace to the Nation of Nkwa)

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