After two weeks of voting and 23,810 votes counted, Africans Rising is excited to announce the winner of the 2019 Africans Rising Activist of the Year award.

Jean-Marie is a life-long activist from the Democratic Republic of Congo and, among his many achievements, he is the founding director of the Andrée Blouin Pan-African Center which trains Congolese youth in Pan-Africanism, civic responsibility, and grassroots organizing and mobilization. 

he Africans Rising Activist of the Year award is a great opportunity to introduce the Africans Rising community to some of the amazing young grassroots organizers that are working across the continent to build the #AfricaWeWant. We are proud of all of the nominees that were a part of this award initiative and we hope you had a chance to read about the inspiring work they are doing. We also thank everyone that took the time to cast their vote for the award.

Congratulations Jean-Marie Kalonji! Our Africans Rising community is here to work with you and alongside you in movements for Justice, Peace, and Dignity across the continent and among the diaspora.

Together we are RISING!

Voting Result


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