Organised by Africans Rising at Global Platform Nairobi, Kenya from 12 - 16 August 2019

Peace Mediation Training for Cameroon WomenSince July 2018, Africans Rising has been closely working with Cameroonian women- led organizations in the organizations of mediation and peacebuilding programs for Cameroon. This time, 15 Cameroonian from all works of life will be trained in Nairobi on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.  The five days of training will be aimed at increasing the understanding of the negotiation process during mediated conflict resolution. It will also provide Cameroonian women with the skills and knowledge to further strengthen them in the important work they do and prepare them for the upcoming national dialogue. Insight will be given in strategic concepts, methodologies to stay in control of complex negotiations and in negotiation styles. The participant will learn how to deal with trust, identity and relationship building   issues, and how to develop a strategy on how to effectively manage the mediation process.


  • Training will be a combination of interactive simulations to develop participant’s skills on negotiation and mediation;
  • Interactive sessions to let them share experiences and best practices and expert sessions to help them reflect on the practice of mediation;
  • Participants will also prepare and develop their own strategy for a mediation process, based on case studies that will be provided to them;
  • Panel discussion with invited guest mediators.


  • Teach the participants on how to understand parties’ interests and group dynamics which the key is in choosing the right interventions at the right time;
  • Analyze and understand the context Cameroon is undergoing politically and the lake chad basin;
  • Facilitate a cross fertilization of ideas and sharing of comparable best practices and lessons on strategies to manage peaceful cease fire and transition;
  • Identify opportunities to support the efforts of young people in transition countries, including potential capacity building on negotiations as well as building or enhancing inclusive governance architecture;

Background: The central role of women in the attainment of peaceful, properly governed and prosperous society remains a key development discourse in Cameroon today. The reason for this is not far-fetched. La Republic du Cameroon is at a crossroads facing two possible impeding situations: indefinite violent conflict or a gradual progression towards sustainable peace as a result of national dialogue.

Current Situation: The situation is dire, and conflict continues to escalate as some Anglophone groups have declared the secession of the region - taking up arms and launching attacks against the states armed groups, civil servants and civilians. Consequently, the intensity of the violent clashes between State and Non-state Armed Forces have resulted in over 600,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and an estimated 70,000 refugees in Nigeria. Reports indicate up to 270 villages have been raided, 1 000 civilians have been arbitrarily arrested, over 900 civilians have been killed and there has been an exponential rise in gender-based violence as a result of this ongoing crisis. And there is still no end in sight.


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