Commissioned by: Governance Committee, Africans Rising Coordination Collective (Elected Board)

June 2020

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace, and Dignity (AR) is a continental movement led by Africans, for Africans. It is a pan-African movement of people and organisations, working locally and continentally to impact political and development makers to achieve justice, peace, and dignity for all Africans. The organisation provides a space for progressive African civil society leaders engaged in various civic struggles to convene, connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. 

AR emerged from the understanding that African civil society needed to develop new, collaborative, and effective ways to work toward continental transformation. AR believes that connecting and supporting local struggles and networking to amplify responses and successes is the way to bring about transformational development. AR is comprised of activists, artists, civil society organisations, businesses, movements, and individuals, who find common ground and inspiration in the organization’s Founding Charter (the Kilimanjaro Declaration), which articulates a shared commitment to overcome the oppressive systems that plague African people around the continent.

Africans Rising Movement was birthed out of the direct contestation of the dominant narrative that Africa is rising. While the continent is rising, the people continue to witness depressing social indicators and so it ought to be the people (Africans) rising and not just the continent. Also founders of Africans Rising were clear from the  onset that this movement in terms of its structure, coordination and functions would not be another type of NGO/INGO.

In response to the important role and growing influence of AR, the movement is launching a call for an external consultant to assess its strategy and coordination structures.  The assessment is to
inter alia evaluate their effectiveness, efficiency and fitness for purpose to steer a social movement such as Africans Rising and propose recommendations. The task aims to review the movement’s structures, the functionality and optimal efficiency of the Core Team (Secretariat). The assessment will also include an assessment of the extent to which the Coordination Collective (Elected Board), Ambassadors and Advisory Panel have played their roles of oversight and fiduciary duty as per their scope of work.

Specifically, the process shall seek to collect, analyse information, review existing internal policies, guidelines, ways of working, and the different operational challenges confronting the movement. The process will examine among other related issues the:

  1. Review of existing operational documents, policy guidelines and codes of conduct – the assessment is to gauge their fitness for purpose for a social movement such as Africans Rising and if need be identify policy gaps for effective functioning of the movement and propose remedies
  2. Assessment of Coordinators in regards to their ToR .  This assessment shall include an individual assessment of the Coordinators against their defined job descriptions as per their ToR
  3. An assessment of the roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness of the Co-Coordinators (Co-Executive Directors). The consultant should assess what has worked and what is not working including proposing best case and worst case scenarios of co-leadership.
  4. An assessment of the roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness of other staff members of the Core Team (Secretariat)
  5. An assessment of the current organizing chart/structure of the core team and propose if need be a workable organizing chat/structure for the core team of AR for consideration.  

6. Review of the roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness of the Coordination Collective (Elected Board). This review should focus on the extent to which the Elected Board has been able to play their oversight function and fiduciary responsibility.   

7. A similar review as in the 5 above shall be done for other auxiliary structures such as the Ambassadors and Advisory Panel.

8. An assessment of the extent to which AR’s programmes and its membership engagement is aligned to its vision document and Founding Charter (The Kilimanjaro Declaration).

9. Africans Rising is a membership movement and a movement of movements. The review should assess the extent of our connectedness to the Constituency (our membership).  How is AR creating and servicing the organic connections to its members?

To achieve the above-listed objectives AR is seeking a consultant to conduct an assessment (both present and forensic) and provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and influence as a Social Movement and not as an emerging INGO.

The consultant should: 

  1. Identify and provide an analysis of the current operational status of AR such as institutional capacity, operational, technical skills, and quality of engagement – this shall be across the different structures (Co-Coordinators, the Core Team, Coordinating Collective, Ambassadors and Advisory Panel).
  2. Recommend a functional organising structure (organigram), policies, guidelines, and role descriptions most suitable for sustaining AR within the current context of its operations as a Social Movement. 

The consultant will be expected to conduct an extensive review of various background and operational documents and policies and hold conversations with each Co-Coordinator, members of the Core team, Coordination Collective, Ambassadors and Advisory Panel.

The Consultant should also speak to the Founding Chair of the Movement and a selected number of members of the Movement, former Core team members and Volunteers.  

The consultancy work will be from the 03rd July 2020 to 18th September, 2020 (this includes consultancy work time and reporting to AR).

The following output is expected:

  • An organisational review report that includes an analysis and concrete recommendations against each of the 9 specific areas outlined above.

Submission of a first draft assessment report by Friday 28 August 2020, a second draft assessment report following reviews by AR by Friday 4 September 2020 and a final draft assessment report following further reviews by AR by Friday 18 September 2020.

Consultant Profile

  • Strong understanding of the working of social movements
  • Strong assessment, writing and analytical skills.
  • Minimum of a master’s degree in the social sciences. 
  • Minimum of five to ten years’ experience in the civil society/development sector.
  • Extensive knowledge and practice of institutional strengthening 
  • Extensive and relevant knowledge of civil society contextual and operational environment in Africa
  • Understanding of civil society, specifically networks and movements structures, operational environment, procedures, policy development processes and general challenges 
  • Bilingual (French-English) will be preferred though non-bilingual can be considered

Management and Reporting 
The Expression of interest (EoI) should inter alia include a technical proposal showing the proposed methodology and time lines plus an indicative daily rate – all accompanied with the CV/ resume of the Consultant, at governance@africans-rising.org, cc. cc@africans-rising.org, on Friday July 10, 2020. All communication during this project should be sent to governance@africans-rising.org