During the weekend of 17th – 18th August 2018, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity as part of its
agenda of marking the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of popular uprisings in Togo, organised
solidarity forums and other call for action activities across Africa to sensitize and get people united with
the citizens of Togo in their struggle for democracy.
The intentions of Africans Rising was well received as it encouraged people to organise independent
activities including hosting forums, writing to the Togo Embassy in their respective countries and posting
about Togo on Social Media using the hashtags: #AfrcansRising4Togo, #TogoDebout & #Fauremustgo.


– Ghana
– Burundi
– Gambia



In Ghana a solidarity forum was organised and attended by Ghanaians, Togolese and a Cameroonian at
the Moremi Initiative in Accra. The forum was used to share the history of the state of governance,
elections, activism and the recent uprisings that has made most Togolese more passionate about their
country. Discussing the process of elections in Togo, participants were briefed on the challenges and
outcomes of all electoral process under the reign of the Gnassigbe family for the past 51 years. At the
end of the program, participants deliberated and suggested various ways, Togolese can handle the
uprisings and also planned how they intend to educate more people on the issue in Ghana and beyond.
The forum was covered by local FM station, Class FM.



A Solidarity forum was also held in Burundi. The forum which was attended by 10 people also had
education on the crisis in Togo. It was also used to raise awareness about Togo’s political crisis and
Africans Rising’s mission and how a collective support from other Africans can aid the political situations.
After the event, participants who showed passion in joining in the fight took pictures with the flag of
Togo and other solidarity materials which had various inscriptions on them.



In Banjul in The Gambia, participants were briefed on the current status on political crisis in Togo. After
the discussions, participants volunteered to add their voices to show their sincere solidarity with the
people of Togo. Participants recorded short videos where they passionately declared their supports
urging the government of Togo to release all political prisoners, preached about #FaureMustGo and
declared their support towards Africans Rising’s initiative on Togo

The various activities motivated a lot of enthusiasm among participants who are now ready and
committed to show their support towards the process of resolving issues in Togo and also making more
outreach activities to educate other people about the political crises.





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