Position: Regional Mobiliser Volunteer

Terms of Reference

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity seeks to be a decentralized, citizen-led movement determined to foster Pan-African solidarity and unity of purpose of the peoples of Africa to build the future we want and a right to peace, social inclusion, and shared prosperity for all African people.

Role & Purpose

The Regional Mobiliser will be assigned to a specific region on the continent (based on their location) and will work in collaboration with the other Africans Rising Regional Mobilisers and Community Mobilisers so that the Africans Rising movement has a broad and thorough understanding of the grassroots movements, news developments, struggles, and issues affecting Africans in their assigned region. This will enhance African Rising’s mission of creating Pan-African solidarity of purpose in movements for justice, peace, and dignity.

Supervision, Tasks, & Responsibilities

The Regional Mobiliser works within the Engagement and Communications Department of Africans Rising. The Regional Mobiliser will report directly to the Engagement Assistant. The Regional Mobiliser is responsible for maintaining mobilization efforts and relationships with community mobilisers assigned to them as a support and for guidance. The Regional Mobiliser also works with organizations, grassroots members, journalists, and community members of their assigned region. The Regional Mobiliser aggregates, analyzes, and contextualizes information relevant to their mobilization and organizing work in regular reports submitted to the Engagement and Communications Department of Africans Rising. They will also be responsible for helping recruit and onboard volunteers at the community level.

Duties & Key Deliverables

  • Help coordinate community mobilisers and increase pledges to the Kilimanjaro Declaration
  • Assist in the development and establishment of the national engagement platform in countries with support from community mobilisers 
  • Assist in the planning and coordination of regional movement convenings where required
  • Support reporting of AR engagement activities with the region of operation during the period
  • Carry out any other duty assigned by the Engagement and Collaboration Assistant, Engagement and Communications Coordinator and Movement Coordinators
  • Help Africans Rising mobilize effectively in the language of expertise in their region
  • Communicate Africans Rising messaging to grassroots organizations and community members in their country
  • Assist in the development of databases of community members, community organizations and Africans Rising members in their country
  • Coordinate on the ground with community mobilisers, participating organizations and other community members in their country
  • Encourage community mobilisers in their region to take solidarity actions
  • Submit regular reports of activities, actions, and developments in their country as relayed by their network of organizations and strategies to bring in new members
  • Recruit and maintain an active network of activists and organizations to facilitate Africans Rising’s knowledge of movements for change in their country and attain concrete impact within communities
  • Communicate with community mobilisers on a daily basis
  • Help Africans Rising prioritize its mobilizing for effective recruitment and planning of activities (solidarity missions, calls to action, etc.) in their country
  • Provide careful analysis of developments, actions, movements in their region to help Africans Risings accurately and honestly relay information about these developments
  • Assist Africans Rising in strategies on grassroots movement building and tactics based on independent community mobilizing and find ways to connect to the overall strategies within Africans Rising

Strategies on Regional Coordinating

There are countless different methods you can employ in order to make a point and build grassroots mobilization. Methods you choose will depend on what’s appropriate for your cause and who your target audience is. Africans Rising’s goal is to amplify community issues through the different campaigns and networks available.


This position is voluntary but the volunteer is entitled to a refund for any costs related to the execution of the assigned duties such as transport and internet upon presentation of receipt. At the successful end of this contract, the regional mobiliser will be given a recommendation letter for their service with Africans Rising. Note: Before any expenses, the volunteer will need approval from the appropriate authorities at Africans Rising.


The position is virtual but the personnel may be expected to travel occasionally upon request to attend movement meetings or activities taking place within the country assigned. All travel and accommodation costs related to the movement will be paid by Africans Rising


This position is for the period of May to December 2020. The position can be renewed depending on the needs of the movement and performance and availability of the personnel.


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Terminate of ToR

Failure to meet these terms of reference can result in loss of position. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 24, 2020.