Terms of Reference
Africans Rising Nominations Committee


A special committee established to oversee the Election of Africans Rising Coordinating Collective members. 

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to facilitate the nominations process for the Africans Rising election of a Coordinating Collective.

Members of this committee cannot contest the election and must sign a declaration that s/he has no vested interest in the election process.

The Nominations Committee profile must ensure a gender balance of 40% – 60%. 
The Nominations Committee shall consist of eight members made up of:

  • Three names drawn from the group who convened the Validation Conference in Arusha and where the Kilimanjaro Declaration, the Africans Rising founding charter was developed and adopted;
  • Three names drawn from the general membership;
  • Two names drawn from the current Coordinating Collective


    Coordinating Collective to provide input regarding the reporting structure of the Nominations Committee.

Scope of Work
The Nominations Committee has the responsibility to:

  • Appoint a chairperson of the Nominations Committee at its first meeting;
  • Finalise the voters’ roll;
  • Call for nominations;
  • Validate in terms of eligibility to stand as a candidate or nominate a candidate;
  • Vette and select the final nominees (candidates) to be announced and put forward for voting during the elections
  • Translate and approve all election communication;
  • Provide the agency conducting the election with their final selection of candidates; 
  • Extend the nominations period if necessary; and
  • Attend to any objections

The Nominations Committee has the authority to:

  • Approve the voters’ roll; 
  • Approve the final candidates list; and
  • Approve the ballot paper

The Nominations Committee is expected to deliver credible and transparent elections. 

Meeting arrangements
Since the Committee members are spread across continents, members will meet via Zoom to discuss milestones.

The Chairperson must arrange meetings.  All meetings must be minuted.

Resources and Budget
Core team and Coordinating Collective to provide input.

If you are interested in being part of the Nominations Committee, please send a statement of interest (100 – 200 words) and a short biography (100 – 300 words) to governance@africans-rising.org. Deadline to apply to the Nominations Committee is Monday 2nd November, 2020.


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