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Coordinating Collective Election Results

The Africans Rising Nominations Committee and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) are thrilled to share with you the results of YOUR election for a Coordinating Collective (CC) for Africans Rising for Justice, Peace, and Dignity. The Africans Rising membership nominated 47 candidates from every region of

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Coordinating Collective Election Candidates

Mahamadou is a committed young leader and activist on environmental justice, good governance, transparency and accountability. He works with the Associative Movement of Young Age and is a member of several community initiatives engaging youth in public service including the Youth Volunteers for the Environment (JVE). He is regularly requested

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Elections Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is a special committee established to oversee the Election of Africans Rising’s Coordinating Collective. The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to facilitate the nomination process. Members of this committee are Kilimanjaro Declaration signees and are active members of our movement. They cannot contest the election and signed and have no

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Media Statement

The Israeli government has always attempted to silence the voice of Palestinians on the rise, however, such a violation of Gaza should chock us all into action and it should never be business as usual.