Africans Rising Demands Justice & an End to Police Killings of Black People in the U.S.A.

The Africans Rising movement stands in solidarity with the families and communities of  George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Sean Read, Ahmaud Arbery, Steve Taylor, Momodou Lamin Sisay, and all Black people in the United States who have lost their lives because of the country’s racism and violence toward people of African descent. 

Unfortunately, this sort of violent racism is not new, and it is not only a problem for Africans in the U.S. The truth is, in a white supremacist world, the fight for racial justice knows no borders. Everywhere we live, Africans are engaged in the struggle to have our humanity recognised. 

Black lives are constantly under the attack of police brutality and other forms of violence, including the neglect and looting of territories where a majority of the population is Black. Our movement honors the long history of Black Americans joining in anti-Apartheid mobilizations, African liberation struggles, and natural disaster relief efforts on the continent. Now, we join them in their fight for justice, peace, and dignity in their homeland. 

We ask all our members and sympathisers to join us in solidarity by sending a message to the U.S. Embassy and consular services in their countries, or making social media posts tagging the ambassador of the your country and letting them know that, as Africans, we are not okay with our people’s lives being undervalued and put in danger. We are not okay with mothers living with the daily fear of losing their children. We ask for federal and international investigations into these cases of police brutality targeting Black people. We also ask that the Klu Klux Klan be labeled and recognised as a terrorist group.

We understand this is a key moment in the U.S. where organisations, movements, and individuals are coming together despite the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic and repression by police and government forces, and we rise together with them. As the Africans Rising movement, we are adding our voices and our community to the demands for justice for George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Sean Read, Ahmaud Arbery, Momodou Lamin Sisay, and Steve Taylor, and all Black people victimized by racist violence. We are uplifting our family in the U.S. through our support, our empathy, and our belief that we can see a better world for them and for all Africans across the globe. 

Join M4BL in Defense of Black Lives


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