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Africans Rising in Solidarity with Pro-Democracy Citizens in the Republic of Guinea

Africans Rising is following closely, with attention and empathy, the developments in Guinea where civil society and opposition have taken to the streets to challenge the possibility of a constitutional change that would allow President Alpha Conde to run for a third term. While the President has not publicly supported this constitutional change, the threat of shrinking democratic space in the country has led many citizens to protest.

We are concerned about the deaths of at least 20 people in the ongoing uprising and the brutalization of citizens exercising their guaranteed right to protest any attempt from Conde’s regime to push for a third term. We condemn the injustice actions by the police and other security forces of Guinea, and we are calling on the Guinean government to hold the perpetrators to account immediately. 

Furthermore, we ask the international community and institutions, ECOWAS, the AU, and the UN, to uphold their responsibilities by intervening to hold the Guinean government accountable for the injustices committed against its citizens. 

Africans Rising is calling on all African citizens on the continent and in the Diaspora, members of our movement, Pan-African organizations and civil society corps, through the spirit of Ubuntu, to be in solidarity with Guineans practicing their democratic rights by taking these folowwing actions:

  1. Posting a message of solidarity with the citizens in Guinea on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms; 
  2. Sharing our solidarity statement on your respective platforms;
  3. Using the hashtags #Amoulanfé and #AfricaWeWant to spread the word among the global community about the injustices occurring in the country;
  4. Condemn the killing and brutalization of citizens in Guinea who are exercising their just and democratic rights;
  5. Calling for the immediate release of detained people that called for and/or helped organize demonstrations
  6. Holding solidarity vigils in front of respective representations of Guinean government on the continent and in the Diaspora 

In Solidarity!

Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan and Coumba Toure
Movement Coordinators - Africans Rising 


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