The grand prize winner for 2017 shall win a one month residence in either Tanzania or South Africa. Here, they will spend a month working on a photography project with the theme ‘Africans Rising.’

1st Place

Kureng Dapel – Nigeria


This picture was taken at the wikki warm spring, a beautiful destination for tourists located in Yankari Games Reserve in the conflict torn region of North-East Nigeria. The conflict in North-East Nigeria was provoked by the Boko Haram insurgents and has resulted in widespread displacement, a higher rate of poverty, increased environmental degradation which has adversely affected the lives of the locals. In the midst of all the chaos caused by the insurgency is a little ray of hope found in the wikki warm spring. It depicts perfectly the saying, “Nothing manmade comes close to what has been painted by the hands of nature”. The picture depicts serenity underwater showing that one day North-East Nigeria will RISE above the ruins caused by the insurgency

About Kureng Dapel

I have always been inspired by my father, Ronald Dapel who  was also a photographer. I discovered this beautiful gift in 2008 shortly after my admission into the University of Jos to study Theater and film Arts, I was lucky to get a gift of a camera offered to me by Pastor  Esther Ibanga. Excited and eager, I explored my immediate surroundings including my family members, I’d haunt them constantly. I’d shoot anything and everything I could find, gladly they accepted to be my canvas. With my 8 megapixel Canon camera I continued shooting until I met Lawrence Olalekon who taught me the art of photography and laid that perfect foundation of photography.

2nd Place

Arafat Awoyejo – Nigeria

This basically depicts the rare African beauty and the life present in it. The green leaves and flowers also depicts the natural resources and the beautiful climate condition we have in Africa. It’s  basically to show contrary to popular opinion “things are green” in Africa too and it’s not just Malaria and different kind of epidemics that exists here.

3rd Place

Maghanga Isaiah – Kenya

This image is meant to show the epitome of the femininity and strength that abounds on the African continent. The photograph was shot in Nairobi, Kenya.