Some of our work includes projects and actions aimed at ensuring that people’s inherent rights to express and engage in the public discourse and, access and enjoy their freedoms are protected.

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Why Should The Palestinian Struggle Matter to Africans?

Oppression does not exist in isolation, and the Palestinian struggle has multiple points of intersectionality with countless struggles across the African continent for they all are struggles against a global system of the few - a system anchored on capitalism, patriarchy and dispossession. 

Media Statement

The Israeli government has always attempted to silence the voice of Palestinians on the rise, however, such a violation of Gaza should chock us all into action and it should never be business as usual.

Tunisians’ Post-revolution Disappointment and Recent Mass Arrests

Africans Rising Statement As thousands of Tunisians march across their country to claim public spaces and voice their ongoing struggles for freedom and fundamental change, Africans Rising stands firmly in support of this pioneering African nation. We continue to be inspired by the Tunisian people and civil society in their diligent and peaceful pursuit of

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Expanding the Alliance in Uganda

In Uganda, civil society organizations are peacefully organizing against constitutional amendments that would dramatically expand the powers of the President. The government has responded with police raids and threats against NGOs it sees as the ringleaders.

Togo Mission Report

During the current protests in Togo some 200 people have lost their lives, a large number have been forced to migrate (some estimates put this figure in the thousands) and a number of people have been detained and tortured by government security forces, foremost among these being the Serious Crimes Unit of the Togo Police.

Cameroon Convicts Journalist Of Terrorism For Reporting On Terror

MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release 24 April 2017 Cameroon Convicts Journalist For Covering Terror  Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity strongly and unreservedly condemns the trial, conviction and imprisonment of a journalist on terrorism charges by a military court in Cameroon for reporting on acts of terror. Ahmed Abba, a reporter with Radio France

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Cameroon Fact-Finding Mission Report Statement

  MEDIA STATEMENT 6 March 2017 Africans Rising Releases Fact-Finding Mission Report Into Crisis In Cameroon In October 2016, associations representing teachers, educators and lawyers in two of Cameroon’s Anglophone South West and North West Regions embarked on a strike action. Their demands centred on greater inclusion and promotion of English-speaking Cameroonians in the teaching

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Cameroon crisis – human rights abuses mount

Cameroonians are calling for the AU to assume its mandated responsibility by actively engaging the crisis to help find a lasting, peaceful resolution that ensures the rights and freedoms of Cameroonian citizens and addresses the grievances at the root of the conflict. Security forces shooting dead unarmed protesters, arbitrary arrests, detentions, torture, disappearances, harassment and

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Report: Cameroon Mission

“We can say with no exaggeration that the South West and North West regions of Cameroon are in crisis.” Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity Report: Cameroon Fact Finding Mission Executive Summary In October 2016, associations representing teachers and lawyers in Cameroon’s Anglophone South West and North West regions, embarked on a strike action.

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