Africans Rising is involved in actions and projects that are aimed to provide general support to activists throughout the continent

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Are you Keeping an Eye on the DR Congo?

What is transpiring in the heart of our continent is unconscionable. We would not be worthy of the sacrifices made by our independence heroes to rid the continent of the tyranny of colonialism if we remain silent and inactive in the face of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Congo.

Elections Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is a special committee established to oversee the Election of Africans Rising's Coordinating Collective. The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to facilitate the nomination process. Members of this committee are Kilimanjaro Declaration signees and are active members of our movement. They cannot contest the election and signed and have no vested interest in the election process.

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Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) are working to conduct the inaugural elections for the Coordinating Collective of our recently launched continental civil society movement. EISA, an independent electoral service provider, in consultation with the Movement, will assume overall responsibility for the administration of the

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Why Should The Palestinian Struggle Matter to Africans?

Oppression does not exist in isolation, and the Palestinian struggle has multiple points of intersectionality with countless struggles across the African continent for they all are struggles against a global system of the few - a system anchored on capitalism, patriarchy and dispossession. 

Media Statement

The Israeli government has always attempted to silence the voice of Palestinians on the rise, however, such a violation of Gaza should chock us all into action and it should never be business as usual.

Fight Inequality by Activista – The Gambia

A video created by Activista and AfricansRising, for Fight Inequality Week of action 19th to 26th January 2018.

Civil Societies Call Regarding the Security of Citizens Human Rights and Rule of Law in Tanzania

We, the undersigned Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) in this petition, are seriously concerned by the current situation of human rights violations, rule of law and the security of citizens in Tanzania ...

Togo: End Judicial Harassment of Pro-democracy Activists

Africans Rising, Amnesty International and Front Line Defenders call on the Togolese authorities to immediately drop all charges related to the peaceful exercise of the rights to freedom of expression, including the charges of defamation and publishing of false news, and to release all the members of Mouvement Nubueke unless they are brought to fair trial on internationally recognisable criminal charges.

Tunisians’ Post-revolution Disappointment and Recent Mass Arrests

Africans Rising Statement As thousands of Tunisians march across their country to claim public spaces and voice their ongoing struggles for freedom and fundamental change, Africans Rising stands firmly in support of this pioneering African nation. We continue to be inspired by the Tunisian people and civil society in their diligent and peaceful pursuit of

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Stories of Struggle and Inspiration

How Africans are rising for justice, peace and dignity in the context of shrinking civic space. By Valerie Msoka - Tanzania