1.  Give us a background info about yourself.


I am a 20-year-old Gambian activist, environmentalist, poet, and proactive Political Science student at The University of The Gambia where I also minor in French. I currently serve as the Secretary-General to curb climate change in The Gambia by taking action and raising awareness. I also serve as an executive member of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change-Gambian Chapter. In October this year, I will start my internship program with the American Corner under the American Embassy in Banjul, The Gambia.

2-      What motivated you to stand against corruption in your country?

I am motivated to stand up against corruption in my country and other African countries because it has immensely contributed to our Continent's plight and underdevelopment. In The Gambia, we continue to face numerous problems as a people and as a nation and corruption is one of them. I believe that we can only bring about change and development in my country and Africa when we battle corruption. As long as we continue to have corrupt leaders, government officials, and institutions, who never put the best interest of their country and people first, corruption shall remain in Africa and it'll continue hindering our growth and progress. For this reason, I have taken it upon myself as an African and an activist to contribute immensely to my Country's and Continent's development by speaking up and fighting against corruption. Today, I am more determined and will continue to put in relentless efforts to end corruption.


3-      Why did they take part in the competition?

I took part in this competition because it has always been my wish to put a stop to all practices which continue to hinder Africa's growth. I have always dreamt of an Africa that will be good enough for Africans and I know in order for this dream to become a reality I must join the fight against corruption, dictatorship, and bad governance. I crave to join any platform, initiative, or project where I can enhance my knowledge, acquire skills and share ideas and thoughts with my fellow Africans to find solutions to the problems we are faced with. This way, I believe we can build a Africa where we will have strong institutions holding African leaders to account, our resources will be properly managed, our young people and women encouraged to participate in politics and given platforms to showcase their potentials, where the education, agriculture, health and all other sectors of development are improved, and equal opportunities are given to all.

4-      Why does Pan-Africanism and Africans Rising matters to you

Pan-Africanism and African Risings matters a lot to me because I believe by uniting, strengthening our bond as Africans, putting in collective efforts and diligence, and standing up against everything and anything that stands in our quest to change the disheartening state of our  Continent most especially corruption and bad governance, we shall achieve tremendous development. Despite all the many challenges we faced in the past and continue to face as a people and Continent, I strongly believe that African shall and will rise but only with a strong bond of unity, diligence, hardworking, activism, advocacy, and support between Africans.


5-      Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I am a confident, diligent, prominent youth leader who loves to challenge personal limit and get things done and will never relent in her quest to fight corruption and play her immense role in contributing to the socioeconomic growth of her country and other African countries. I have always been passionate about Africa's development and over the years, I have put in great efforts to bring about change in different communities in my country through community service and youth work. Voting for me will get me a step closer in achieving my goal and dream to join other young African leaders to fight and give to Africa that which belongs to Africa and Africans.


  1.  Give us a background info about yourself.


Ben KAMUNTU est un jeune congolais de 25ans, vivant dans la ville de Goma, à l'est de la RDC. Il fait partie des jeunes congolais qui brisent la peur et dénoncent les corruptions, la mauvaise gouvernance et l'attente aux libertés d'expression et d'opinion qui rongent son pays, la RDC.


2-      What motivated you to stand against corruption in your country?


Membre actif de la Lucha, le premier ,mouvement citoyen de son pays qui se fonde sur le sens des actions non violentes,la responsabilité et l'auto détermination du peuple pour son avenir. II a mainte fois été victime des arrestations arbitraires durant les manifestations non violentes organisées par son mouvement pour exiger les élections libres et démocratiques, le respect la constitution de son pays par le président Joseph KABILA au pouvoir malgré l'expiration de son mandat. Lui avec ses 7 collègues militants avaient injustement passés 59 jours à la prison centrale de GOMA pour avoir pri part à la manifestation du 24 janvier 2018 qui exigeaient que le président Kabila de respecter l'accord de la saint sylvestre facilité par les évêques de l'église Catholique. En mars,il a été acquitté par le tribunal de paix en date du 19 Mars 2018.


3-      Why did they take part in the competition?

Vie d'artiste: KAMUNTU est un artiste slameur qui utilise de l'art pour éveiller les consciences de son peuple. Pour lui, l'art est un moyen efficace d'atteindre les coeurs et leurs parler. Il a mis en place la plate forme slam Session reunissant les slameurs de sa ville de Goma. Consulter sa page facebook Ombeni KAMUNTU Ben pour plus d'informations.


4-      Why does Pan-Africanism and Africans Rising matters to you

Kamuntu porte l'espérance de l'avènement d'un congo nouveau,d"une Afrique forte en action de part les actions qu'il pose dans son mouvement et la voix qu'il porte pour dénoncer la corruption,la mauvaise gouvernance, le clientélisme,l'injustice à travers son art, le slam.


5-      Why should people vote for you?

Il est consultant en communication et animation et travaille aux cotés des enfants enrôlés dans les groupes armés et d'autres vulnérables dans son pays déchiré depuis plusieurs décennies par la pauvreté,les guerres,les viols et les maladies de toute forme. Il travaille aussi entant que éducateur social de lutte contre le traumatisme et le stress post traumatique basée sur l'approche d'éducation populaire.


Nelson Komba Kenya)

  1.  Give us a background info about yourself.


Nelson Komba is an anti-corruption activist in Kenya. He has studied a Degree in Bachelors of Education arts. Apart from this Nelson has a great passion for leadership development and working with the youths in Kenya and East Africa. Nelson studied leadership from the University of Illinois Alabama: Foundations of everyday leadership and he is an Alumni of YALI East Africa Regional Leadership centre in civic leadership. He has also studied Transparency and Accountability courses on fighting corruption.

Nelson is a seasoned speaker at the East Africa leadership summit and also a contributor in the National Leadership Forum in Kenya. Nelson has received numerous awards and nominations on his work in the fight against corruption. Just mention but a few Nelson was a nominee at the Sheikh  Tamim Bin Hamad Thani International anti-corruption excellence awards under the category of youth creativity and engagement. In Kenya, Nelson has received awards from the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders earlier this year under the category of the upcoming Human Rights Defender of the year.

Nelson is a dedicated researcher and this was showed well in his book 24 Hours of Equality. He has worked with organizations fighting corruption such as Transparency International.

Professionally Nelson is working with non-profits organizations in Kenya to accelerate their work and maximize impacts through the theory of change approach. Nelson expert in strategic plan writing, grant proposal writing, policy documentation and in advocacy strategy and communication. Nelson has supported over 20 non-profits organizations achieve impact in Kenya.

  1. What motivated you to stand against corruption in your country?

Imagine a country where children study under the shade of a tree because money for construction of a classroom is embezzled? Imagine a situation where 50 pupils in a village in school in Kenya have to use one mathematics textbook because the money to buy the rest books is embezzled?

Education is the light to any developing nation. If corruption can destroy education systems then the nation will be poor. If learners cannot receive a quality education because of corruption it lowers creativity and innovation hence poverty comes on.

Looking at the level of corruption in Kenya schools l was motivated to stand against corruption. I stood against mismanagement of Community Development Funds. These funds are the ones that support a community thrive. They construct new schools and add more teachers to school and pay them.


  1. Why did they take part in the competition?

I decided to take part in this competition because l knew l have something valuable l can offer to the continent of Africa. I knew through such kind of interactions and collaboration people will get to know that there is someone who is fighting corruption in Kenya and whose strategies we can use in our different countries. In my mind l knew if I am successful for this competition it will increase my scope of work, collaboration and even engagement and becoming an ambassador will be an opportunity for me to meet many African youths and inspire them to fight corruption.

Attending the residential program will mean l will get a huge pool of knowledge of which will disseminate to the networks l have through conferences, seminars and workshop and contribute to knowledge management.

  1. Why does Pan-Africanism and African Matters to you?

I got great love for the continent of Africa. Picking from my book and quote” I saw Africa and l saw development, each hour of development darkened once corruption thrived” My great ambition is to see a united Africa fighting common problems together. An Africa where Ubuntu is practised to its meaning. I  envision not only to be part of the talk about Pan-Africanism but also to strong participate in making it a reality. This will strengthen communities, lead to economic development and peace.

Africa Matters is playing a critical role and that is to look into the real problem that is stagnating Africa. That is Corruption. African matter supporting our the work of corruptions champions like me and implying our voice it’s definitely very important to me.

  1. Why should people vote for you?

I believe I am the best candidate for this competition. I am ready and passionate about ending corruption in Africa. I believe if am successful it will be an opportunity to bring a wide range of knowledge on ending corruption in Africa. Voting for me means you are trusting that am the strategic person who will work closely with Africa Rising and collaborate with other organizations in the fight against corruption. Your vote is the vote for Africa!


Moustapha Issoufou (Niger)

  1. Parlez-nous un peu de vous. 

J’ai 28 ans, j ai un Master en droit profession judiciaire, je suis ancien boursier du programme YALI de l EX PRÉSIDENT AMÉRICAIN Barack OBAMA dans le domaine de l engagement civique( civicleadership). Je suis présentement Consultant indépendant dans les domaines suivants : droits de l homme, l immigration, la paix-sécurité, la GOUVERNANCE


2-      Qu'est ce qui vous a motive a lutter contre la corruption?

Les principales motivations de mon engagement dans le domaine de la corruption au NIGER et en AFRIQUE en générale sont d abord liées à un constat personnel que c est la principale source de l inefficacité de toutes les politiques et réformes entreprises par nos états pour améliorer les conditions de vie des populations africaines et ensuite c est ma formation académique et surtout mon contact avec certaines populations dans des localités aussi bien au NIGER que partout en Afrique qui m a encore poussé à lutter contre ce mal qui anéanti tout effort de développement. Enfin, j ai été témoin à plusieurs reprises de situations dans lesquelles des personnes notamment des usagers et passagers des compagnies de transports ont été contraintes à payer des pots de vins à des agents de l État pour jouir et exercer leur droit de mobilité et cela m avait choqué et suscité mon orgueil pour dénoncer ces pratiques malsaines qui sont conçues comme normales par les populations pourtant victimes par simple ignorance ou par peur.


  1. Qu-est ce qui vous a conduit a prendre part a cette competition?

Je participe à cette compétition pour pouvoir susciter un engagement inclusif dans cette lutte contre la corruption de la part des africains parce que le phénomène doit être abordé de façon globale et implémenter de façon locale en fonction de la forme corruptive qui varie d un pays à un autre. Aussi, je crois fortement à AFRICANS RISING qui serait une plateforme à travers laquelle Je pourrais parfaire mon projet de lutte contre la corruption au niveau des postes de contrôle.


  1. En quoi le panafricanisme et le mouvement Africans Rising vous sont-ils importants?

j attends un encadrement technique et stratégique de la part de la plateforme et une possibilité de financement et/ ou une recommandation de financement de la part d autres structures autres que les partis politiques.


  1. Pourquoi les gens devraient-ils voter pour vous?

Mon projet doit avoir l adhésion des votants pour la simple raison que les tracasseries et la corruption grandissante au niveau des postes de contrôle surtout au niveau des frontières terrestres africaines est un mal qui créée beaucoup de désagréments aux usagers et fait perdre à nos Etats énormément de ressources et pire vont naitre des frustrations et de la haine de la part des usagers vis à vis de nos États pour la simple raison que les usagers voient à travers les agents publics acteurs de cette corruption un accord et/ ou une autorisation implicite de l État pour qui travaillent ces agents. Donc voter pour ce projet c est promouvoir le droit à la mobilité, c est aussi s engager à dire non à ces pratiques malsaines à nos frontières qui ne donnent plus envies de voyager sur certaines destinations par peur d etre illégalement et arbitrairement être dépouillés de ses biens par des agents.