Our work includes efforts aimed at improving the ability of people and organisations to hold their governments accountable, build open governance and; end the political impunity that drives corruption.

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Uganda’s Slow Slide into Crisis

Growing discontent threatens the dysfunctional and corrupt political system built by President Museveni, who is now manoeuvering to extend his three decades in power by raising a 75-year age limit on presidential candidates. As security, governance and economic performance deteriorates, Uganda needs urgent reforms to avoid greater instability.

Expanding the Alliance in Uganda

In Uganda, civil society organizations are peacefully organizing against constitutional amendments that would dramatically expand the powers of the President. The government has responded with police raids and threats against NGOs it sees as the ringleaders.

Terms of Reference to Undertake a Regional Assessments

Developing a Terms of Reference to Undertake a Regional Assessment of Justice, Peace and Integrity and Mapping of key actors for equality of Justice, Peace and Integrity

Togo Mission Report

During the current protests in Togo some 200 people have lost their lives, a large number have been forced to migrate (some estimates put this figure in the thousands) and a number of people have been detained and tortured by government security forces, foremost among these being the Serious Crimes Unit of the Togo Police.

Africans Rising Mission To Togo Experiences Extent of Clampdown

A pan-African delegation of activists on a fact-finding mission to Togo has found out the extent of the ongoing state clampdown on pro-democracy protests.

We the People of Togo | Demands

We call on the Togolese government to heed the voices of your citizens, which are being raised in peaceful protests, and to engage them civil to secure lasting, just and democratic solutions to their grievances.

TOGO Government must reinstate term limits for the Presidency

“We stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Togo and call on President Faure Gnassing, to immediately re-instate the 1992 Constitution and, respect the term limits for the Presidency.”

AR Media Release – Kenya HRC August 2017

16 August, 2017 Hon. Fred Matiangi, Ag. Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs Kenya Africans Rising, a Pan-African Movement of people and organizations, working for justice, peace and dignity, and guided by the Kilimanjaro Declaration, strongly condemns the decision by the NGO Coordination Bureau to arbitrarily de-register the Kenya Human Rights Commission and African Centre

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#NewGambia: Reflections On A Transition To Democracy

The transition from dictatorship to democratic freedom in The Gambia would not have been possible without the courage and determination of the Gambian people. And leading the Gambian people in that struggle to remove longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh, were young people. Africans Rising coordinator and youth human rights activist Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan was among the

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World Bank and IMF, Help #StopTheBleeding Of Africa’s Wealth!

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 April 2017   World Bank and IMF, Help #StopTheBleeding Of Africa’s Wealth!  As the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) hold their Spring meetings in Washington, DC, billions of dollars due to African nations are illicitly leaving the continent. Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity, an

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