Join our first-ever online Partos Innovation Festival!

October 8 & 9 2020

On Thursday and Friday, October 8 & 9 2020, Partos organises, in collaboration with its innovation platform The Spindle, for the seventh time already, the Partos Innovation Festival! This year, due to the circumstances, will be the first-ever online edition of the Festival. It takes place through an online format and is open for everyone! And of course, you are invited!

We’ve chosen a theme, that’s very much of its time: Digital Civic Power. What can civic organisations learn from best practices of the use of data and digital technology? We will look at the disruptive trend of digital transformation and the accompanying challenges and opportunities for civil society. We hope to introduce participants to new initiatives and inspire joint actions to contribute to the strengthening of civic digital power for an inclusive and sustainable world for everyone.

We are reaching out to as many people as possible so we can welcome lots of participants from all over the world! Therefore, we would like to ask you to help us promote the festival via the channels from your organisation as well. I attached a Social Media kit of which you may use one or more items for your social media, website or newsletter. Or, of course, for your own network.

The messages in the kit are ready-made. Also, I send you an image and a gif that you may add to the message. Thank you in advance. We would really appreciate it if you could give us a heads up if it is possible to share the message about our festival?

I hope to see you on October 8 & 9 !

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