At Africans Rising, we are building a democratic peoples' movement of the future and you can be part of that future!
African Rising opened the nomination process for the upcoming elections of our first Coordinating Collective (CC).

Who is an African Rising? 

S/he is an African or of African descent and is taking small or big actions for justice, peace and dignity.
S/he is a pan-Africanist who strongly believes in unity among Africans and people of African descent.
S/he is known or unknown.
S/he is a member of an organization or an individual.
S/he is dedicated to stopping gender, age or class-based inequalities.
S/he enjoys uplifting their communities.
S/he embraces the efforts of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.
S/he is able to commit to serving on Africans Rising's Coordinating Collective for two years.
S/he is has a tremendous level of consciousness and proactivity.
S/he is optimistic and solution-oriented.
S/he has an impeccable track record of integrity.