On 25th May 2018, millions of Africans all over the world reaffirmed their constant love for the continent and their commitment to realising a pan-African unity. For the second year in a row, the Africans Rising movement fulfilled one of the pledges of the Kilimanjaro Declaration, that is to organise decentralized events/actions thanks to the genuine and collective strive to liberate our beautiful continent. Seventy simultaneous activities were held across Africa and in the diaspora. Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity has marked its first-year anniversary with a proud a global mobilisation of passionate Africans in 52 countries, including five outside the Africa continent.

The Goree Project Performing Artists during Dakar's #25May2018 celebration

We are humbled by this organic solidarity thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers and partners. The events gathered thousands of people from all over the world around the themes of Justice, Peace and Dignity with an emphasis on expanding our #StopTheBleeding campaign which marks the movements’ commitment to stopping corruption and illicit financial flows out of the continent.

On the media front, Africans ambassadors, members, and partners carried the message to millions of people through radio and television interviews, twitter chats and Facebook lives throughout the month of May in multiple countries on the continent and the diaspora. #25May2018 was the epitome of all #AfricaDay celebrations and mobilization by Africans Rising Volunteers in Africa and beyond. #AfricaDay was celebrated with the following hashtags: #KilimanjaroDeclaration #AfricansRising #BringYourFaya #AfricaDay. The hashtag #AfricansRising reached over 15 million people on social media, specifically on Twitter.

We are committed to a genuine growth of Africans Rising and are proud of the rapid gain in members and partners we have witnessed in the weeks leading to 25th May thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. Most importantly, we are humbled by the role young people have played in mobilizing and organizing their communities to not only discuss ways to improve their society but also by embodying the change they want and acting to protect their environment, denounce corruption and demand accountability. Africa day 2018 has rekindled the spirit of organising in unity and solidarity that is needed to build the #AfricaWeWant. Together, we have demonstrated that unity of action is achievable and the impact of the actions as we have seen on 25 May 2018. We are grateful to the dozens of partners, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of members who made it all possible.

Thank You, Akpe, Shukran, Merci, Asante, Obrigado. Together we will change African lives and build the #AfricaWeNeed !!

In Solidarity,

Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan and Coumba Toure


This map provides the locations of the events and activities happening on Africa Day in partnership with Africans Rising