Dear Africans Rising members in Cameroon, 

We are saddened by the news of the attack in Ngarbuh, Donga Mantung on Friday, February 14 when soldiers invaded the village and killed at least 25 civilians. This type of violence and injustice is not tolerated by our movement and we want to put out a call for action for our members across the continent to stand in solidarity with Cameroon. 

To do that we would like to hear from you on what would be the most effective way the Africans Rising movement can stand in solidarity with Cameroonian citizens affected by this violence. What are ways our members can speak out against this violence, demand justice, and support movements for positive and peaceful change in the country? What knowledge can we share that will bring attention to this massacre and hold accountable the people responsible?

Is there a petition we can sign? A letter campaign we can ask our members to join? An international body we can appeal to for action?  An event that local members can attend? If you have any ideas on how Africans Rising can stand in solidarity with Cameroon and our brothers and sisters most affected by this heinous act, please let us know because we want to add our voices to their struggle. We want to see that all Cameroonians and the victims and families harmed in the Ngarbuh massacre are heard and supported in their journey to justice. 

Please reach out to us with your ideas and feedback at by Monday, February 24. As a member of Africans Rising, your contributions to securing justice, peace, and dignity in Africa are vital to the movement. 

In Solidarity,

Africans Rising

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