The liberation of Africa remains a work in progress; we have learned a great deal from the brave fights for our nations’ independence, the Civil Rights movement’s roaring throughout the USA in the sixties, and the anti-Apartheid movements in Southern Africa. This resistance history is instrumental in uplifting today’s struggles for justice, peace and dignity.

Inspired by these resistance ecosystems which were created based on mutual support and hopeful spirits, Africans are still rising. There is so much that we are yet to learn so that our children can secure a respectable life, benefit from the wealth of the African continent and have complete agency over their pan-African future.

Today, you are over 6500 members, 372 organisations, networks, movements and institutions that have joined us in building this movement. We acknowledge that your most valuable contribution to this movement is the work that you put into facing daily challenges to achieving justice for all. Nonetheless, your financial support would allow us to go a lot further in advancing the Africans Rising vision. In light of this, we call on our members to contribute to realising our vision by depositing their membership dues. Africans Rising was incepted on the basis of voluntary civic duty and proactive change making, therefore, we do hope that our members will commit out of their own will and passion for the movement.

Why we need your money?

  • Africans Rising strives to become the first fully African funded movement; by being independent financially we will continue to work in the best interest of the African people
  • Africans Rising will always side with Africans who are impacting their communities, abused by their governments or struggling to challenge the status quo; we need your help to support as many Africans Rising as possible

What does your donation do?

  • Your donation will help us mobilise communities to act against human rights violations, corruption, climate change and injustices across the African continent
  • Your donation will support gender equality, peace and freedom of speech advocates
  • Your donation will connect struggles among Africans on the continent in the diaspora
  • Your donation will support activists working on the ground, launch awareness campaigns, amplify African voices and consolidate pan-African solidarity actions
  • Your donation will fund the relocation of an activist at risk and provide legal assistance to activists facing prosecution in their countries
  • Your donation will help us carry Solidarity Missions to African countries in crisis such as popular uprisings, natural disasters or violent conflicts

How can YOU donate?
The donation options include:

  •  A bank transfer to the Africans Rising account in The Gambia
    Account Number: 0010094905391201
    Beneficiary Bank Name: ECOBANK GAMBIA LTD
    Address: 42, Kairaba Ave, P.O BOX: 3466 Banjul, Gambia
  • A PayPal one-time or reoccurring donations
  • Wari and Mobile Money donations will be available soon

All collected funds this year’s membership dues will be duly accounted for by our team and will be used to support #25May2019 mobilisation actions unless you indicate your interest to support a specific movement action or campaign!

You may contact our Finance Team should you have any inquiries regarding donating to Africans Rising. We look forward to a positive response from you.