Why we need your support ?

Our organization strives to remain  financially independent to continue to work in the best interest of Africans without fear of retribution. The Kilimanjaro Declaration pledges to hold governments accountable and Africans Rising can only fulfill that pledge by raising money from individuals and organizations that will not interfere in our work. Africans Rising works for the people and we prioritize them over governments or corporations. We will always side with the citizens when they are abused and we need your money to continue to carry out that mission.

What does your money do ?

Your money helps us mobilize and organize communities to act against Human Rights violations, corruption, climate change and to advocate for gender equality and transparency. Africans Rising connects struggles among Africans on the continent in the diaspora, amplifies these struggles and provides ongoing support to activists on the ground. Your money will help us fund the relocation of an activist at risk and provide assistance to activists facing prosecution in their countries. Your money will help us organize campaigns to raise awareness on an issue an African community is facing.
Your money will help us carry solidarity missions to African countries that are facing a crisis such as a popular uprising, a natural disaster or a conflict. The solidarity mission helps us connect with the communities to better understand their struggle and mobilize support for them.

How can You donate?

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