Purpose and Scope

  1. This Code of Conduct applies to members of the Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity
  2. The rules set forth in the Code of Conduct serve to complement the Africans Rising vision document and The Kilimanjaro Declaration. They are intended to govern the membership actions to ensure that all members of our larger Pan-African community abide by the Africans Rising values and are held accountable so as to project a positive image of the movement and to guarantee the effectiveness and integrity of all its members.

General Rules

  1. Members should live up Africans Rising’s values and manifest the movement’s mission.
  2. Every member shall acknowledge and respect other members’ contributions and opinions.
  3. Members shall not disclose confidential information or act in a way that threatens the safety of a fellow member or a group of members.
  4. Members shall behave with integrity, respect Africans Rising mandate and expand the movement’s interests when possible while refraining from acts that could be detrimental to the movement or in any way harm its image and reputation.
  5. Members shall not engage in any form of fraud. Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in a financial or personal gain. Africans Rising members should abstain from any actions that lead to unauthorized benefits, such as money, goods, services or other personal advantages, regardless of whether this advantage benefits the member, Africans Rising or a third party.
  6. Members shall demonstrate, particularly through their behaviour and language, the appropriate level of respect for the religious beliefs, mores, customs, rules, practices and habits of fellow members and the larger pan-African communities in which they might find themselves.
  7. Members shall not use or transport any weapons or munitions while taking part in activities related to Africans Rising.
  8. Members shall not use Africans Rising name, insignia and logo without obtaining prior authorisation from Africans Rising’s Core Team.
  9. Members do not act as official representatives, nor speak on behalf of Africans Rising unless otherwise stipulated in writing from the movement’s Core Team.

Abuse of Power, Harassment & Sexual Exploitation

  1. Members shall not engage in any form of harassment, including sexual harassment.
  2. Members shall not pay for sexual services.
  3. Members shall not enter into a sexual relationship with a minor (girl or boy under 18 years old)

Procedure for Disciplinary Action

  1. A member is guilty of improper conduct if he or she fails to abide by the principles set by this Code of Conduct.
  2. Before disciplinary action is taken an investigation shall be undertaken by the Coordinating Collective.
  3. The procedure to be followed in the case of an allegation shall be determined by the Coordinating Collective.

To report a Code of Conduct violation, please email iwg@africans-rising.org.