ADAMOU Mahamadou Siradji, 28 | Male, Niger

Mahamadou is a committed young leader and activist on environmental justice, good governance, transparency and accountability. He works with the Associative Movement of Young Age and is a member of several community initiatives engaging youth in public service including the Youth Volunteers for the Environment (JVE). He is regularly requested to represent the young people of his commune during Municipal Council Sessions. Mahamadou is a trainer on the management of goods and services for members of the management committees. He organized, participated and animated several training workshops, conferences on the theme of good governance, nonviolent conflict management, civic responsibility, and citizen control of public action (CCAP). He is committed to uplifting the role of young people in the development of local communities.

Personal Statement
To have a sustainable development in our continent, it is necessary to have contradictions in our debates but a union in our actions. My vision is to be a young role model by developing a leadership role that inspires others. We have to be an embodiment of justice because Africa does not belong to a group of individual leaders but to all people.


ADDIS Solomon Abebe, 35 | Male, Ethiopia

Solomon has over three decades as an African citizen, he started by being a youth activist advocating for justice, peace, dignity, democracy and Pan-Africanism. Solomon obtained two master’s degrees in Social Development & Social Work as well as Sociology. He has contributed a great deal to scale-up international advocacy efforts that align with his personal vision of creating a better future that is full of dignity and quality of life for all. Solomon is the Founder and Director of Millennium Youth Coalition, a nongovernmental organization in Ethiopia that is dedicated to ensuring a better democratic Africa.

Personal Statement
Along with a large network of like-minded people, I am committed to realizing a democratic Africa with fair & inclusive elections by 2025.


ADEYENI Gideon, 28 | Male, Nigeria

Gideon is a young Nigerian with experience in mobilizing young people around the cause of justice. Together with his friends and community, he organized thousands of people to rally around the values of the Kilimanjaro Declaration due to the reliability of the declaration’s mission. Having being exposed to the evils of unjust political and economic systems in Nigeria, and upon satisfying his appetite for academic excellence, Adeyeni plunged himself into the quest of working to upturn these systems. He continually denounces the Nigerian political system in which a parochial set of elites manipulates the vast majority of the people, giving rise to an economic system which denies the majority basic sustenance to give luxury to a few. Gideon believes that central to the actualization of economic, cultural, political and environmental rights is the promotion of democracy. Together with his brothers and sisters, he is working to promote and defend democracy in Nigeria through the popular campaign #VoteRightNigeria while maintaining a philosophical commitment to nonviolence.

Personal Statement
To end the plundering of our natural resources, the suppression of our peoples' rights, and the reign of an unjust economic system that condemns the bulk of us to poverty in a continent of vast wealth, women and men of understanding and goodwill must continue to walk together to take courageous steps to pull down the pillars of injustice. I see Africans Rising as an inspiring new culture of nonviolent resistance among all the peoples of Africa, and I hope to be a part of the future.

Organisation: Africans Rising

ALI Mbongo, 38 | Male, Burundi

Mbongo is a human rights lawyer who has dedicated his career to fighting inequalities against marginalized minority groups across Burundi such as the SWAHILI, TWA and GANWA. His main aim is to have a new Burundian constitution which will guarantee equal rights to all Burundian citizens. Ali is a die-hard Africans Rising’s supporter, he was selected as a 2017 Activist in Residence, and ever since he has been working to raise the visibility of the movement in his community. Ali is the founder and director of a national NGO named Via-Volonté. The organisation aims to promote democratic values and defend marginalized minorities. Ali also founded two social movements, Swahili of Burundi Liberation Front (FLSB) and Citoyens du Monde Francophone (CIMOF). The latter aims to gather citizens from French-speaking countries to build a dynamic solidarity when facing challenges from different fronts.

Personal Statement
As an African activist fighting for change in my lovely country, I am aware of the socio-economic and political challenges that face Africans. Our dear continent is bleeding and it is our duty to end her suffering and build the African that we all deserve in solidarity with one another.a


AYUKI Maria, 35 | Female, Tanzania

BELNDOUM Asdjim, 31 | Male, Tchad

Personal Statement
I am humbled by my nomination for the CC, it is with a deep conviction and devotion that I joined the Movement Africans Rising. Being a Pan-Africanist from Chad, I can not stay on the sidelines of a Movement that defends African dignity, peace and justice. We can all do more to uplift this Pan African solidarity.

Organisation: Association Pour Le Developpement de Mourtcha

BROOKS Andrew Kugmeh, 26 | Male, Liberia

Andrew is a humanitarian and a youth activist who has been working to legally advocate, engage in developmental programs and seek national & international assistance through special projects to support the most vulnerable yet promising communities of single-parents, especially mothers. Andrew's interests are focused on raising awareness about democracy, human rights, gender equality and social justice.

Personal Statement
I am dedicated to engendering social, economic and agricultural transformations for the less-fortunate among us.

BUNGONG Abanda Marcel, 34 | Male, Cameroon

Abanda Marcel is a product of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI), the African Changemakers Fellowship, and the Cameroon Leadership Academy. He has about 18 years of working experience with communities on youth empowerment, ethical leadership, prevention of violence, extremism and environmental sustainability. Abanda has been working as a freelance reporter for various local newspapers and a broadcaster with the Community Radio (DMCR) Nkambe for over 13 years. Abanda is the Community Coordinator of the Wimbum Community Foundation with the Cameroon office in Ndu Sub Division. He is also the Coordinator of Youth Assembly for Environmental Justice (YAFEJ), which focuses on environmental justice. He has organised over 150 youth conferences, workshops and seminars since 2001 and attended many himself. He has gained over 12 national and international awards and honours to celebrate his 18 years of working with youth and communities.

Personal Statement
My vision for Africans Rising is for us all to collectively realize its missions of fostering an Africa-wide solidarity and unity of purpose.

Organisation: WIMBUM Community Foundation

CHISSUNGU Cidia, 22 | Female, Mozambique

Cidia has joined the struggle for social causes in 2015, after attending a training called TOT Activist which was organised by the Nairobi Global Platform. After this training, she took on the challenge of implementing the Activista initiative in Mozambique. Cidia managed to give life to the movement by developing a training project in the areas of leadership, social intervention and entrepreneurship. The project involved more than 170 young people from various universities in Maputo. Thanks to her diligent work, Cidia sparked the minds and mobilized activists in Maputo City, Marracuene, Manhiça and other provinces, making Activista the largest advocate for Education, good governance and environmental justice in Mozambique. Aside from being an activist, Cídia Chissungo is also a motivational speaker. Cidia is currently an IWG member of Africans Rising and has launched the BLACK CIVILIZATION movement in August 2018. This new movement has pledged to promote solidarity among African people through concrete action. She has also single-handly founded an organization that is devoted to providing consulting services and professional training for young university students.

Organisation: Activisata Mozambique

DHKOU Ambroise | Female, Mali

DIARRA Maria | Female, Senegal

DIEYE Rokhaya, 45 | Female, Senegal

Rokhaya DIEYE is a manager by training and has an extensive expertise in Management of organizations. After seven years of experience in the field of marketing and communication mainly in real estate companies in Senegal, she decided to have a career change and joined LEAD Francophone Africa to contribute more efficiently to the emergence of a new generation of young Africans Leaders working for sustainable development. Rokhaya benefited from the LEAD Program, an international leadership program in environment and sustainable development, she then was recruited as a Learning Program Leader for 2 years with LEAD Francophone Africa. She was responsible for the coordination of training and Alumni networking across 20 African countries. With her background in the private sector, she is strongly interested in CSR initiatives and how to promote and institutionalize them in Africa to the benefit of local communities. She is currently a Consultant in Leadership and Management. Since July 2015, Rokhaya has been chairing LEAD Senegal, a youth leader’s national association composed LEAD Alumni living in Senegal.

Personal Statement
I believe in our capacities as connectors and changemakers to improve the legacy of Pan-Africanism for the future generation. It is time for us to commit people from Africa as catalysts of the change we want to see in the continent and in the world.

Organisation: LEAD Francophone Africa

DITCHARE Elisee Neyaassi, 26 | Male, Benin

Elisée has a track record in volunteerism with a focus on development and sustainability. He is a passionate motivational speaker, leadership & entrepreneurship coach and a trainer in social economics. He works to change mentalities through education for citizenship. Since 2012, Elisée has been actively engaged with the UEMOA Club for Integration in its mission to unite young Africans and support them to face the challenges of unemployment through entrepreneurship. Elisée is committed to his work with the Tolerance Zero Campaign against child marriage. His vision is to build an autonomous and united Africa where peace reigns. This young Beninese leader wants to change the face of Africa!

Personal Statement
Joining the Africans Rising movement is an exceptional opportunity for me to double my efforts to promote the solidarity and unity of the peoples of Africa. I pledge to invest myself fully in building an autonomous and prosperous Africa where peace and good life reign.

Organisation: YSA

DORE Domani, 35 | Female, Guinea

Domani is a philosopher by training, a former Sports Minister and a Municipal Counselor since February 2018. In 2016, she founded and has been directing La Guinée Audacieuse; an organization that aims to rejuvenate, feminize and qualify Guinean political staff. She is a member of the Global Network of Women Leaders in Politics and the Guinea Ambassador of the Global Program #LeadLikeAGirl (Girl2leader) which was initiated by the President of the Republic of Malta. Domani's work has been celebrated by several national awards; she ranked 16th among the 50 Most Influential Figures in West Africa by the Influential Magazine in Senegal. Over the past ten years, she has acquired an in-depth know-how in the communication and development of projects for youth and women.

Personal Statment
To motivate, to convince, to share and to plan are my approaches to mobilisation. Through African Rising, I want to materialize the vision of a united Africa and awaken the potential of its human resources. We should all put women and young people at the heart of this transformational adventure in order to take it to the next level!


EKWERE Dennis, 38 | Male, Nigeria

Dennis is a social blogger and the focal person of many youth-focused voluntary movements in Nigeria. He focuses his work on local communities in Nigeria as part of his awareness campaigns about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Dennis works with formal and informal youth groups by localizing, interpreting and translating what SDGs means and how everybody can benefit from them. His aim is to learn from and upscale the grassroots work level to help spread positive and inspiring messages.

FALL Cheikh, 37 | Male, Senegal

Cheikh is a web project manager, web developer and blogger living in Senegal. He is a prominent Cyberactivist who initiated the #SUNU2012; an online participative democracy project to promote the transparency of Senegal's presidential elections through transparent media coverage and citizen reporting. He created the country’s first youth citizen web portal en 2010 and was nominated for the Prix Net Citoyen NETIZEN2013 which was organized by Google and Reporters without Borders. In 2014, he was also nominated by the Deutsch Welle for the Best Of Online Activism. He initiated the league of African activists and bloggers, AFRICTIVISTES, which has been bringing together people from all over Africa and the Diaspora to collectively use the Internet to act for democracy on the continent.

Personal Statement
In some countries, the president is the strong man. He decides all for all. A president of the republic has much power, it would be a shame to choose him unwisely.


GASSAMA Saikou Kawsu, 38 | Male, The Gambia

Saikou Gassama has gathered some three years’ work experience in the international NGO sector with Action Aid International in project/programme management, governance and partnership building using the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) in the fights against poverty and injustice in The Gambia. Mr Gassama has experience in coalition building and networking among CSOs and is a trained international Election Observer. Similarly, he has obtained four year’s professional experience in senior management at central government level up to the position of the Cabinet Secretary in the Republic of The Gambia. He has sound experience in public service and public sector reform management, democratization, accountability, local governance & decentralisation. He is leading and managing the National Cabinet Office with expertise in public policy & foreign policy analysis, diplomacy and decision making, coordination of partnership between the UN System and the Central Government, with advanced research skills. He has also attained four-year lecturing/teaching experience in Political Sciences, International Law and Diplomacy, Sustainable Development, International Relations, Politics and Development. Saikou is mentoring high school students, he has also mentored youth organization such as ACTIVISTA and CeFGaD. He is currently serving as Permanent Secretary at the Office of the President, and as the Executive Director, Centre for Governance and Development (CeFGaD) in The Gambia. Through advocacy and promotion of ethical leadership, CeFGaD has the vision of institutionalizing principles of social justice in the citizenry’s active participation.

Personal Statement
I support the vision of African Rising to promote and protect the rights and dignity of Africans. I have shared this vision, and have worked to ensure our independence from the undue onslaught by the so-called forces of globalization and neocolonial domination with a particular focus on the rights of women. I will continue, with the support of Africans Rising and CeFGaD to advocate for ethical governance and leadership in the Gambia, Africa and the world.

Organisation: CeFGaD

GRAGAU Maulline, 30 | Female, Ethiopia, Russia & Israel

Maulline is a creative, youth leader, social innovator, researcher, legislative drafter and lawyer. She holds a degree in law with a minor in Criminology and Forensic Science. She is a versatile professional with 5+ years of experience in the areas of law and forensic science. She is passionate about legal practice, youth and women empowerment through entrepreneurship, responsive leadership and environmental conservation. She has been serving in various capacities with various organisations such as the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, the International Youth Journal, the Digital Opportunity Trust and the International Institute for Legislative Affairs. Maulline is not only used to wearing many hats, she sincerely enjoys it. She believes that the purpose of intellectual endeavours and the meaning of life are to speculate, to create and to contribute.

Personal Statement
I believe that Africans have the capability to find homegrown solutions to all the undeniable problems which confront them. I am passionate about achieving social change through movement building and nonviolent direct action that is rooted in love and solidarity. This is my motivation for sharing tools, tactical innovations and approaches that amplify the creativity, security and effectiveness of social movements.


HUSSEIN Kiiza Saddam, 27 | Male, Uganda

Kiiza is a lawyer by profession and a young leader who has established a career in human rights defence and climate justice. He believes in the values of democracy, justice and gender equality. Kiiza is the Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs and Leadership Initiative which empowers young people to hone their leadership journey. Kiiza serves as the East African Regional Coordinator at Rolesa, a legal organization and as a Program Director at Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights. He also leads a project called “Young African Leaders Talk and Act on Climate Change” which aims to raise awareness about the negative impact of climatic change in Africa. With such an impressive professional and leadership traits, Kiiza Aspires to make a positive difference in Uganda and Africa in its entirety by equipping the youth with transferable skills and knowledge so as to allow them to hold the torch of peace, justice and dignity.

Personal Statement
Acknowledging that in order to restore peace, justice and dignity to all Africans, their full human rights should be guaranteed and respected. It is on this pursuit that my role and skills shall be applied to mobilize support for the work of Africans Rising. I will rally my network to prepare young members of the movement to fight corruption, demand justice and promote the Pan-African ideals of solidarity, shared inclusion and economic prosperity as embedded in the Kilimanjaro declaration.

Organisation: Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights

KALYANG Jonathan, 24 | Male - Uganda

Jonathan is passionate about working with youth to strengthen their civic engagement and inform them about their health rights. He has a track record in advocacy work starting with initiatives across Lubaga’s primary schools. Jonathan works with Bridge Builders Uganda which is a youth-led organization. In 2018, he served as a Youth Community Advocate with the My Health, My Right project. His role included dialogue mediation and raising awareness around issues of sexual & reproductive health. Jonathan organised multiple school forums and developed evidence-based reports after working with his fellow advocates to design 14 advocacy sessions. He has also worked with health centres like Kawaala and Kitebi where he shared his locally-collected data to mitigate certain health challenges affecting the youth.

Personal Statement
As a youth leader, I am adept in youth coordination, mobilization, and counselling. I believe that I will add value to the Africans Rising dream by providing my support in involving the youth in the community- based activities to enhance their volunteer spirit.

Organisation: Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescents Health

KAMANYULA Appolinaire Zagbe, 33 | Male, DR Congo & Germany

Currently living in Germany- Bayern, Appolinaire is originally from IKO Island in the Southern Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has a proven track record in business management, project monitoring & evaluation, and legal advisory. Appolinaire holds a Degree of Masters of Laws in Public International Law from Kampala International University and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy from the University of Goma. He is a certified and committed Social worker from the University of Michigan. Appolinaire’s advocating for social justice has led him to found and direct the PEPA; an organisation that has been functioning in DR Congo and Uganda. Through PEPA’s engagements, development and social programs, he aims to transform African communities. Appolinaire is a man of people; he inspires many around the world with his multicultural working background and public speaking abilities. He speaks  French, English, Swahili, German, Lingala, Luganda.

Personal Statement
Uniting the continent and promoting true Pan-Africanism are my major focus in the spirit of the Africans Rising’s vision. Any African country’s concern must be a continental concern, as with the real values of Pan-Africanism, Africa will be a well standing continent.

Organisation: PEPA

KANZA Sophie, 26 | Female, South Africa & DR Congo

Sophie hails originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is currently living in South Africa. She is a passionate pan-African change-maker and peace activist. Sophie is the co-founder of the Sophie A Kanza Foundation, a home-grown NGO that has vowed to improve the collection and distribution of food, clothes and toiletries across South African communities and raising awareness to break stereotypes about Afrophobia. Her current work includes Afrophobia awareness, youth volunteerism, activism, peacebuilding and social cohesion projects. Sophie is passionate about inter-continental collaborations and projects, as she strives to influence malicious Institutionalzied Afrophobia policies through their work and activism. Sophie hopes to take her film Singabantu (We are human) on a continental tour to have many more discussions about Afrophobia. She is planning to open a youth hub in her hometown, Kinshasa, and inspire young people to create similar movements. In 2018, Sophie was named Alliance of Peacebuilding Scholar, One Young World Peace Ambassador and Brand South Africa Play Your Part Ambassador.

Personal statement
I believe activism is for everybody - it comes in different forms. My mission is to bring peace-building and activism into everyday conversations. I am not the voice of the voiceless, I use my story and my platform to encourage others to be the narrator of their own change.  I want us to work towards an Africa that works. An Africa for Africans by Africans. Where majority really rules. We, young people, are the majority.

Organisation: Sophie Kanza Foundation

KARAMAGI Andrew, 30 | Male, Uganda

Andrew Karamagi is a lawyer, social justice activist and budding scholar who has worked as Project Coordinator—Shrinking Civic and Political Space at ActionAid International Uganda. Previously, he worked at the Human Rights and Peace Centre, a department of the School of Law, Makerere University and is a pioneer founding member of the Young Leaders’ Forum, a reflection platform which seeks to bring together youth from various political parties in pursuit of a shared and national political agenda. Together, this team developed the National Youth Manifesto 2016-2021. He is a Core Associate Trainer at the MS-Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Arusha, Tanzania. Karamagi has co-authored in the international journal, Agenda, and wrote a chapter on youth participation in electoral politics in the Ugandan best seller, Controlling Consent: Uganda’s 2016 Elections. He contributes opinions for Uganda’s leading daily newspapers and is a regular panellist on a number of the country’s radio and television talk shows.

KHAN Buba, 45 | Male, The Gambia

Buba has been diligently working to build a progressive and dynamic career in policy and advocacy for human rights and justice across all sectors and facets of society, namely governance, democracy, agriculture, food security and livelihood. He serves as the Africa Advocacy Officer with ActionAid International. Through this platform and many before it, Buba aims to enhance the quality of life for all, especially youth, children, women and other marginalized groups. As a change-agent, his goal is to use policy as an instrument to transform programmatic efforts that alleviate poverty, inequity, injustices and human indignity through facilitating processes that lead to interventions and activities/programmes.

Organisation: ActionAid International

KIDANE Nunu, 61 | Female, Ethiopia & USA

Nunu Kidane is the Director of Priority Africa Network, a progressive organization based in the San Francisco/Bay Area. For nearly three decades, she has worked on issues of global policy analysis as relates to Africa. She’s written on militarism, resource extraction, migration, social, economic and racial justice. In January 2012, Nunu was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for her work with the African Diaspora. She is a founding member of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), the Pan African Network in Defense of Migrants Rights (PANiDMR) and current Editor/Coordinator of the Africa Moves initiative; a Pan-African migration platform. Africans Rising also recognized Nunu as an official “Ambassador” in 2017. Nunu has been the voice for enhanced transnational dialogue on immigration, globalization and race, culture and identity. She is a graduate of the University of California in Berkeley where she resides with her family.

Personal Statement
I believe Africans Rising is a vehicle for mobilization and creating of a new level of movement building by tapping into new and creative energies of young people and building on historic frameworks of resistance. I am proud to have been part of the beginning, following the Arusha Validation Conference and the Kilimanjaro Declaration. I am also proud to have been recognized as an Ambassador and humbled for the opportunity to continue to be part of a future that builds on authentic African values and is committed towards a long-term solidarity.

Organisation: California Newsreel

KOMBA Nelson Sawanga, 25 | Male, Kenya

Nelson Komba is currently the Director of Civic Leaders Kenya; an NGO working to strengthen the capacity of civic leaders in Kenya with resources and capacity for growth and sustainable projects. Nelson has worked to introduce monitoring and evaluation in most of the Civic Leaders Kenya to accelerate their programs. With this organisation, Nelson is working with civic leaders Network to strengthen civic education programs for a more informed citizenry that will shape future democratic processes. Over the years Nelson has had an outstanding reputation in fighting corruption Kenya. He pioneered the Integrity Clubs in Kenya's schools; a program that aims to raise ethical servant leadership. He has taken part in research about anti-corruption and this is shown well his book 24 Hours of Equality. Nelson has taken part in active activism against corruption in Kenya which has included active participation in county government budgetary process and protests. His diligence in fighting corruption has seen him receive both regional and international recognition. Nelson is an active social justice crusader and campaigner having participated actively in the fight for human rights and good governance in Kenya.

Personal Statement
I work to ensure the presence of informed civil society organizations with the capacity to strongly stand in respect of human rights, democracy and good governance in Africa.

Organisation: Youths Against Corruption Kenya

KOWENE Gaius, 25 | Male, DR Congo

Gaius is an award-winning journalist, digital rights activist and youth participation advocate. He tells stories of ordinary people with extraordinary achievements. His works have been published by the world’s respected media like BBC, Radio France International and the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Gauis is the founder of the Goma Web Activism Summit; an event gathering a large community of bloggers from Goma. He also started #BloGoma; an informal group of Congolese web activists fighting for Internet rights in partnership with organizations like Internet Without Borders, AccessNow and the Digital Rights Foundation. He is an active member of several Pan-African circles such as the Afrika Youth Movement and the League of African Web Activists ‘Africtivistes’. As a member of CIVICUS, he advises on the best ways to engage young people in the implementation of the organization’s projects.

Personal Statement
The time is now for us to stop repeating theories and empty concepts about Pan Africanism and to stop referring to Africa as a continent with potential. Instead, we must initiate actions that make the ordinary African citizen experience this reality. Our role goes beyond just organizing around wonderful values stated in the Kilimanjaro declaration. We have the responsibility to do what our governments, the west and humanitarian organizations have failed to achieve. We have to think about concrete, inclusive, transparent and self-funded actions that can radically change the lives of ordinary citizens and be replicated in other parts of the African continent.

Organisation: Youth Building in Synergy to End Poverty

MACHAT Seyfallah, 33 | Male, Tunisia

Seyfallah is a press and communications expert from Tunisia. He has a variety of experiences in the media sector but he specializes in reporting for radio and television. He is now the correspondent for France 24 channel reporting from different regions across Tunisia. A young leader from North Africa started his civic activity. The establishment of several youth initiatives at the local and national levels in his country and contributed to the establishment of some Arab and African regional initiatives. He worked as a youth volunteer and then as a consultant for the African Union  Peace and Security Administration under the African Union for Young Volunteers Program (AUYVC) between 2012 and 2014. He was appointed as the Youth Ambassador of the Arab Thought Foundation. Seyfallah facilitated several interventions and is a trained election observer. He offers an advisory support as an expert in youth organizing to a number of international bodies such as the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALESCO), the African Union for Young Volunteers Program. Seyfallah played an important role in organizing the African Youth Consultation on the 2063 Agenda in Tunis and Hammamet in 2013. He is now working with a group of civil society organizations and Tunisian youth activists to engage them in local political and social affairs and to spread the culture of dialogue & rejection of extremism.

Personal Statement I have dedicated my life to the Renaissance of Africa. I consider the challenge of the peoples of the African continent as an opportunity to gain a full sovereignty of their wealth. They are a second chance for our second liberation from all forms of economic and cultural dependence. This will be achieved only through the involvement and participation of African youth. Through the Kilimanjaro Declaration, I see a great harmony among social movements and citizen-led groups. Long live Africa.


MASARIRE Linda, 36 | Female, Zimbabwe

Linda is a human rights defender, a pro-democracy and political activist who is passionate about women and girl child rights. Linda is a widow and a proud mother of 5 children. She campaigned for the Harare Central parliamentary seat in the 2018 harmonized elections driven by her passion for gender equality and conviction that she can make a difference for all workers facing labour injustices. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Governance. Following a series of demonstrations and petitions against violations of human rights by the Government of Zimbabwe, she was incarcerated for challenging the ruling system to respect human dignity. During the days of incarceration, she mobilized fellow women prisoners and led an inmate protest against inhumane prison conditions. She was brutalized and moved to a male prison and placed on solitary confinement until she was granted bail by a High Court order in September 2016. Linda is the Founder and national coordinator for Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance, National Coordinator for the Young African Leadership Forum in Zimbabwe, Chairperson of the Revolutionary Freedom Fighters, Chairperson of STAR fellowship cohort 3, FES Alumni, Founder and Chairperson of the Association of Railways Terminated Employees and former President of the Trainmen workers Union (2008-2013). Linda has also been involved in trade unionism during her time at the National Railways of Zimbabwe and Systems Technology (Pvt Ltd) where she mobilized fellow employees to fight for their labour rights. She organised campaigns such as the “Bring back our women from Kuwait” campaign which led to the implementation of an expatriation plan for all trafficked persons outside Zimbabwe hence saving the lives of 200 female victims coming back home. She is also a former member of the executive management committee of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) responsible for recruitment and mobilization. She is the current spokesperson of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by President Dr. Thokozani Khupe.

Personal Statement
I strongly believe in Youth Leadership and grooming young people to effectively advocate and fight for social economic and political justice all across Africa.

Organisation: UDM

MAWIRE Munodawafa Wallace, 49 | Male, Zimbabwe

Wallace Mawire is a journalist and an award-winning photojournalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe who has a passion for reporting on development related issues, especially those affecting the African continent. He is very interested in writing on sustainable development issues and is currently reporting on topics such as climate change and renewable energy. Wallace has also had the opportunity to travel on reporting assignments to countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Malawi and Zambia. Through his work, he hopes to articulate issues which could have a positive impact and change on the African continent.

Personal Statement
Through my work as a journalist living and working in Africa, I hope to articulate issues which could have a positive impact on the African continent. l also want to play a great role in advocating for an African continent that is corruption-free.

Organisation: SAMACET

NGWANA, Rosette Mapienfu, 28 | Female, Cameroon

Rosette is a certified accountant with over 5 years of working experience across many sectors such as healthcare, logistics, consultancy and financial institutions. Being part of a healthcare institution triggered her passion for community development and leadership. In order to satisfy her curiosity, volunteerism was the answer. She has been volunteering with the Denis Miki Foundation Cameroon, an NGO that supports the development of underdeveloped communities through capacity building courses, ICT for sustainable development, talent/skill promotion, and wealth creation through agriculture, crop production and economic empowerment schemes. Rosette recently participated in a workshop on “Strengthening Capacities And Increasing Young Women’s Participation In Decision Making” which was convened by the Association Women for a Change (WFAC), Cameroon. She is a World Pulse changemaker and a Servant Leader, the fourth cohort of C-LIFE; a religious NGO that aims to empower young professionals in Cameroon.

Personal Statement I intend to continue my work to improve our freedom of expression and raise accountability efforts to end corruption. All of which can be possible if we build an alliance and connect our struggles.

Organisation: Denis Miki Foundation

NJIE Buba S | Male, The Gambia

NJOMO Esther Omam, 50 | Female, Cameroon

Esther has been at the forefront of development issues in the South West Region of Cameroon as the Executive Director of Reach Out Cameroon since 1996. She also worked with the Relay for the European Union on civil society structuring & strengthening programs in partnership with the European Union entities known as PASOC and PAS. She created a movement called South West/North West Women Task Force (SNOWT) with 200 members to tackle the ramifications of the current crisis in the two Anglophone regions of the country. Esther's focus has been supporting vulnerable and marginalized populations through economic, social and cultural empowerment. Esther has worked with more than 2000 women and youth, she managed to impact communities through 150 operational micro-financing projects. With the Reach Out Cameroon team, she has pioneered many fights against HIV/AIDS with a focus on improved Home Based Care and Psychosocial Assistance. She has also been advocating for the rights of minority groups and women in conflict-torn regions such as the Mbororo women in the hinterlands - Bakassi area, communities living between Nigeria and Cameroon, and in Tole. Through a user-friendly credit scheme, The DROMBAYA Micro Loan, she has been able to address the needs of less privileged young female school drop-outs, widows and single mothers. Esther is currently is supporting more than 50,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). She is a member of the Regional Committee for the Growth and Employment Strategic Paper (GESP), the Coordinator of the South West/North West Women Task Force and the Vice President of the South West Civil Society Organisations Network (SWECSON). Esther holds an MBA in Humanities and a B.A in English/French from the University of Buea. She was awarded many fellowships and certificates in the field of Development.

Personal Statement I have been actively engaged in conflict prevention in the Bakassi region and across the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.  Although I have faced many obstacles in my life, I am fully motivated to continue instilling hope in those undergoing pains and sufferings in our communities. With hard work, determination, and enthusiasm for my service to my community, I believe that there is much left for us to accomplish in order to unleash the potentials of our women and girls.

Organisation: Reach Out Cameroon

NTIZOYIMANA Jean Claude, 35 | Male, Burundi

Jean-Claude is a human rights activist and the General Commissioner at the General Commission of Human Rights of the Association pour Une Jeunesse Africaine Progressiste (AJAP-AFRICAINE), Progressive African Youth Association. The association is based in Burundi but it is now present in 54 countries with 60,260 members. Jean Claude work focuses on sensitising communities about peaceful conflict resolution and justice through the application of human rights. He works with a team of lawyers to advocate especially for minorities who unable to pay for legal fees. Their main target population is young people. They aspire to build an Africa where human rights are respected and where people can live in peace, liberty and freedom. Jean Claude is also the Assistant Lecturer and a member of the pedagogical and scientific council in the National University of Burundi (Université du Burundi). Jean-Claude holds a Master's degree in Peace Studies, Human rights & Peaceful Conflict Resolution. He has most-recently obtained a certificate in Foundations in Mass Atrocity Prevention by the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation and is pursuing a Doctoral Research degree in Regional Integration (case of EAC).

Personal Statement
Africa has been torn by conflicts and wars; now it is time to stand up and work for peace and justice. I wish to join Africans Rising because the movement encompasses a network of organisations and activists. Africans Rising comes at the time when we, Africans, need to stand together against violence and human atrocities.

Organisation: AJAP- Africaine

ONGERE Isaac, 23 | Male, Kenya

Isaac Anyolo Ongere is a former graduate from Mount Kenya University in Kenya. He is trained professionally and holds a degree in procurement as well as a diploma in business management. Isaac founded, Busy Busy which is a transit media company operating from Kenya’s Kitale town trans-Nzoia. Isaac devises theatre training within this community. He has produced plays, choral verses and performances at some of Kenya’s most celebrated festivals. He enjoyed travelling, writing scripts and producing them.

Personal Statement
Live your passion and actualize your dream to stop injustices against all Africans.

Organisation: Busy Busy

OYOO Sungu, 28 | Male, Kenya

Sungu is a writer, organiser, and trainer on non-violent resistance. He is a strong believer in social justice, and currently is an editor at Beautiful Trouble - where he’s part of a team developing a Pan-African edition of an activist toolkit with creative tactics of resistance and organizing. Sungu is also part of the African Coaching Network - a network of social movement coaches who provide embedded training and strategic support to social movements across our continent, equipping movements with skills and knowledge that enable them to effectively organize themselves and to strategically maintain a non-violent discipline. Sungu has previously been active in student movements in Kenya, and has been a coordinator at Kenyans for Tax Justice, a Kenyan grassroots social movement formed in 2013 in response to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act that sought to impose 16% VAT on basic commodities like rice, maize flour, sanitary towels, and disability mobility aids. Sungu holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Nairobi and has previously worked at Advocates for Change, Dandora Hip-Hop City and Action Aid. His writing has appeared on various blogs and media outlets including Daily Nation, Pambazuka News, and Africans Rising.

Personal Statement
As a Pan-Africanist, I believe that Africa is the future. I believe that Africa’s largely youthful population will push this continent to new social, political and economic realisations – but only if meaningfully engaged and organised. I seek to join the Coordinating Collective of Africans Rising to amplify the voices and aspirations of millions of these young Africans – and create mechanisms that enable them to take up active roles in our movement and in struggles for justice, peace, and dignity.

Organisation: Beautiful Rising

RODGERS Catherine, 40 | Female, Uganda

Catherine is a passionate African feminist, who works with young people across the continent to support their leadership in creating just, equitable and sustainable societies. She strives to harness their skills and equip them with the necessary knowledge & tools to fight violations of young women’s sexual and reproductive rights. Catherine works with a team of volunteers to increase the youth's engagement in governance and decision making. As the Hub Director for Restless Development Uganda, she leads on Board management, strategic planning, fundraising and finance, legal and risk management as well as overseeing the Advocacy and Programmes which support young people to have a voice as active citizens and are supported to realise their leadership potential. Previously, Catherine worked for ActionAid International, as the Youth Engagement Advisor, supporting 50 countries across Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe. Catherine gave a strategic advisory to ActionAid International’s youth campaigning network, Activista, supporting countries to build their national youth networks and to support on programming and policy.

Organisation: Restless Development Uganda

SHAMALA David, 23 | Male, Kenya

David is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. He focuses his work and efforts to fight for causes relating to gender-based violence, environmental sustainability, agriculture and entrepreneurship. David serves as the Chief Content Officer of Africa Youths Committee. David is an unreservedly passionate influencer and motivational speaker. He is also an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya.

Personal statement
My vision for Africa is a continent in which every child attains the rights to protection and development without any discrimination based on economic status, gender, race, tribe or religion. Our Africa should allow all children to shape the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new horizons, and sharing the best parts of being an African.

Organisation: Phanicey Foundation

SOWE Yahya, 22 | Male, The Gambia

Yahya is a youth activist, YALI Alumni and is the Regional Coordinator of Africa Youth Architects (AYA) in the Gambia. With more than 10 ten years of experience as a youth leader, Yahya is passionate about serving his community to improve their living conditions. He is also the president of the Pan-African Leaders Movement in the Gambia. Together with the movement members, he works to change legislation to include at least 30% of youth in decision-making in the Gambia. Yahya is fluent in Arabic and English.

Personal Statement
I am a passionate servant leader, I believe that change is incepted in school and scaled up within communities with the guiding principles of honesty. Youth must be given a chance to revise the architecture of their own destiny.  My vision is to see an inclusive Africa where all Africans benefit from our shared liberty, dignity and prosperity.  

Organisation: Movement of Pan-African Leaders

STEVENS Abigai;l, 36 | Female, Sierra Leone

Abigail Antonnette Theresa Stevens is a young and fierce female activist. She is a mobilizer, campaigner, mentor, advocate, and role model. She is a social worker who went to Njala University and studied Environmental & Development Studies. As a recent graduate, she invested her time to do volunteer work at the Centre for Coordination of Youth Activities (CCYA). Abigail then gained a 10-year professional experience as a Programme Support Staff and later as Gender Officer with the CCYA. She served as a Project & Programme Officer for various initiatives relating to livelihood security, human rights and sexual reproductive health issues. Most recently, she was promoted as the Executive Director of CCYA. Abigail believes in partnership and strong collaborations in achieving common goals. She is a member of the AfricansRising movement and the People's Power movement.

Personal Statement
I want to see an Africa that is corruption-free. Africans must enjoy their rights, peace, dignity and wealth. I want to see all Africans united with strong cooperation to realize social, economic, environmental and gender justice. Together we can build a powerful force. Africans must rise again!

Organisation: Centre for Coordination of Youth Activities

SUSO Saiba T, 32 | Male, The Gambia

Saiba is a social justice activist who has led many national and international social justice campaigns and has dedicated most of his time working with women groups in rural communities prior to his formal employment both as a Community Mobilizer and a Youth Activist. He is currently serving as the Board Chair of Activista and the International Relation Officer for The Union of Emerging Societies in Africa “UNESAF”.  Saiba believes that raising consciousness among local communities, is key to setting aflame waves of change. His focus is to allow women to see themselves as drivers of change and demand from duty bearers to fulfill their obligations to the citizenry. Suso is one of the founding members of Activista The Gambia since 2008 and has led many of the network’s campaigns such as the Women’s Land Right. He also led two teams of young activists at the Conference of Youth COY11 and COP21 in Paris. Suso’s work has contributed to expanding the civic space and engaging the Gambia’s citizenry in decision making.

Personal Statement
My dream for Africans Rising is to take the lead of unifying African countries and to cut the imaginary borders that impede Africans development and progress. How can we liberate ourselves and live in Dignity when we do everything in foreign languages? We must Unify Africa with one language that we shall read, write and do business with. We must Promote international cultural exchange within African countries and celebrate each other as we coexist peacefully.


SY, Alpha Ousmane 46 | Male, Senegal

Alpha Sy is the president of the Siggil Guinguineo movement. He has served at the Guinguineo Municipal Council in the region of Kaolack (Senegal). He’s also a candidate for the 2019 local elections for the municipality of Guinguineo. Alpha SY is the Managing Director of Sy Investments, a multinational company that has implemented projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. As a Chief Executive Officer, Alpha SY implements the investment strategies, oversees the development of the portfolios of companies and manages the investment network of Sy Investments. Alpha SY is a seasoned entrepreneur who has more than 15 years of experience in international trade. Alpha Sy is among the initiators of many platforms for the development of the economy and business in Africa. Recently, as part of the Afro Champions Initiative, he is working for the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area. Alpha SY started his career as a Financial Analyst in Dakar, before holding various positions of responsibility in Switzerland, Ghana and Nigeria. He also serves with COTECNA's Operations Division in Africa as Senior Vice President in Africa. He holds a master's degree in economics from the School of Economics of Toulouse and a master's degree in International Finance from the School of Economics and International Finance of Bordeaux (France).

Personal Statement
Africa is the last frontier, we have the world’s most endowed natural resources but home to the poorest populations on earth. Africans are victims of injustice, corruption and violence, leading to migrations of all sorts. Africans Rising offers a unique approach and vision to ensuring that Africans around the word provide a common response to those problems. By building a strong network of youths, we are defining the path to a resilient strategy that will see the unity and development of our continent. I am committed to bringing my contribution to the well-being of Africans and strongly believe Africans Rising is the adequate platform.

Organisation: Siggil Guinguineo movement

TOMETI Opal, 34 | Female, Nigeria & USA

Opal is a New York-based Nigerian-American writer, strategist and community organizer. The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, she grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the Co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter. This historic political project was launched in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin in order to protect and affirm the beauty and dignity of all Black lives. She is credited with creating the online platforms and initiating the social media strategy during the project’s early days. The campaign has grown into a national network of approximately 40 chapters. In 2016, in recognition of their contribution, Opal Tometi and the #BlackLivesMatter co-founders received an honorary doctorate degree and BET’s Black Girls Rock Community Change Agent Award. Opal is currently at the helm of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI); a national organization that educates and advocates to further immigrant rights and racial justice together with African-American, Afro-Latino, African and Caribbean immigrant communities. As the Executive Director at BAJI, Opal collaborates with staff and communities in Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Oakland, Washington, DC and communities throughout the Southern states. Opal is being featured in the Smithsonian’s new National Museum for African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) for her historic contributions. Opal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Masters of Arts degree in Communication and Advocacy.

Personal Statement:
If people take the fight for justice seriously in their own country and with partners and immigrants in their community and folks in the international community, I believe that we will see human rights for all people affirmed.

Organisation: Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)

UAPUTAUKA Taljaard, 35 | Male, Namibia

Taljaard is an educator with years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Natural Science and Health Education at a primary school level. He is also a youth activist who advocates for transformational leadership and Good Governance. Recently, Taljaard obtained an Advanced Diploma in Management from the Southern Business School (South Africa). He has also completed various online certification courses with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the Young African Leadership Institute (YALI) and the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN). Through hard work and determination, Taljaard has been working as a Country Director for the African Youth Union Commission (AYUC), a Country Correspondent for the International Youths Human Rights Movement, a Country Ambassador to Students Against Corruption and a Member of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative. Taljaard is committed to seeing an Africa where there would be equal opportunities for all.

Personal Statement
My vision fully supports the core principles of the African Rising Movement. I will dedicate and commit my skills to realise the key objectives stipulated in the Kilimanjaro Declaration. This will be complimented by my vast established networks of common movements.

Organisation: African Youth Union Commission (AYUC)

VANDYCK, Charles Kojo, 40 | Male, Ghana

Charles is a proud ambassador of Africa and is excited about the transformation that is taking place on the continent. Charles spent his formative years living in four different African countries, notably, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana. He also has travelled extensively within the continent especially within West Africa. These experiences have shaped his resolve to promote a more positive narrative of the continent while working tirelessly to empower its citizens and their civic groupings. Charles has expertise in strengthening civil society, enabling social innovation, civic engagement and human rights. Charles is the Capacity Building Advisor of the West Africa-based Program of the Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF). He is the Founding Board Chair of Innovation for Change-Hub Afrique, a social innovation created to respond to closing civic space across the continent; as well as a founding member of the International Consortium on Closing Civic Space (iCon), an initiative of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC. Charles currently serves as the Head of the Capacity Development Unit at the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI). He is a 2017 Stanford University Fellow for Nonprofit Leaders and a certified Change the Game Resource Mobilisation Advisor and Trainer.

Personal Statement
Africans Rising is a powerful force for social change. This movement must be responsive to the aspirations and accountable to African citizens on whose behalf it speaks and acts. Africans Rising has to adapt to rapidly-changing contexts and find innovative means to sustain its work. The platform must create opportunities and strengthen civic consciousness to enable African citizens to recognise the value of organising to effect change. The movement must also advocate for an enabling environment for citizens’ groups to operate, which includes appropriate laws and policies, a suitable political space, availability of resources and access to technology. 

Organisation: West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)