Africans Rising

Annual Report


Movement Coordinators' Message

Where there is injustice, there is resistance. It takes different forms: from individuals breaking cultural norms by refusing to submit to unjust customs, to larger movements bringing down oppressive dictators by challenging prevailing state systems which may seem impossible to change. 

In 2019, we witnessed Africans rise for Justice, Peace, and Dignity, and persist in the unfinished business of their liberation struggles. As we advance towards the true liberation of all African people, Africans Rising continues to support, enable, connect, and amplify the struggles of grassroots movements on the continent and within the Diaspora. This year we stood in solidarity with Africans and activists that have been targeted and attacked for raising their voices against social injustices. We supported the Sudanese uprising for civilian rule and an end to military violence in the country. In Senegal, we marched with anti-corruption protesters holding their political leadership to account. We united our voices to the call for justice for activists in Zimbabwe and young mobilizers in Mozambique, and we remained vigilant as demonstrators in The Gambia demanded accountability from their president and his administration. 

Coordinating Collective Message

It has been an honour to be of service to members of Africans Rising. It was a year of intense reflection, learning, and growth. As members of the Coordinating Collective, we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to support the leadership of Africans Rising to achieve their annual objectives. It is clear that the task at hand is daunting, but we are encouraged by the passion and commitment of our colleagues, the Ambassadors, Leadership, foot-soldiers of the movement, and more importantly the people of Africa. 





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Africans Rising promoted alliance building for women’s rights movements in Cameroon and in Senegal leading to a key win of the Senegalese government announcing a law criminalising rape. 

For our May 25th mobilisation on “Africans not to sale, Stop Slavery and Human trafficking!” we planned more than 10 activities and our members organised 100 actions in 56 countries across the continent and in the Diaspora. The mobilisation engaged 1.2 millions Twitter followers and increase media coverage on slavery and human trafficking across the continent from May to October.

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace, and Dignity implements its work under the following five pillars:

  1. Expanding civic and political space 
  2. Women’s rights and freedom for all societies 
  3. Promoting good governance, ending corruption, and impunities 
  4. Promoting equity and dignity 
  5. Promoting climate and environmental justice

Thematc Focus

Africans Rising implements its pillars through five programmatic approaches which underpin all activities:

Knowledge Curation
Leadership Development
Alliance Support
Strategic Convening

2019 Activities


The training was held over the course of one week at ActionAid Global Platforms in Nairobi, Kenya. It brought together 16 peacebuilding and human rights NGO leaders from 10 regions of the Republic of Cameroon.

INVISIBLE GIANTS - Dakar, Senegal , March - November 2019

Throughout the year, Africans Rising held its Invisible Giants events to celebrate African women on the continent and in the Diaspora doing outstanding work without the usual recognition or celebratory remarks.

Ghana Regional Convening Accra, Ghana | December 2019

Africans Rising’s members in Ghana hosted a Regional Convening to provide a space for civil society actors in this region to reflect on the movement’s journey so far, with particular regards to the fulfilment of the commitments co in the Kilimanjaro Declaration.

ACTIVISTS IN RESIDENCE II - Arusha, Tanzania | November 2019

Activists in Residence (AiR) is a residency programme that was developed as a practical response to the multiple struggles and demands on activists and other human rights defenders in their day-to-day efforts. The residency brings together activists working on a diverse range of social issues in risky environments for 10 days at MS TCDC to network and acquire technical tools that they can use to organize and mobilize more efficiently and safely.

The Core Team

Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan

Movement Coordinator

Coumba Toure

Movement Coordinator

Moses Isooba

Head of Operations

Farida Nabourema

Collaboration & Engagement Coordinator

Maurice Samba

Assistant to Movement Coordinator

Fatou Jammeh

Fundraising Consultant

Ousman Sarr

Admin & Finance Coordinator

Marie Hélène Ndiaye

Artistic Activism Project Coordinator

Patricia Servant

Engagement & Collaboration Assistant

Tobias Waniyonke

Community Manager

Aleesa Mann

Communication Intern

Prince Akpah

Regional Mobiliser West Africa

Rim Menia

Regional Mobiliser - North Africa

Samuel José Sentinela

Regional Mobiliser Southern Africa