The “Africans Rising Activist of the Year” award is a new award initiative presented by the Africans Rising community to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated sterling leadership in his/her work as a selfless advocate for the rights of people on the continent. 

This award will also serve the purpose of profiling and advancing the work of activists in Africa and sanction us to showcase activism as a worthy cause by promoting works that engage in activism as a means of positive change in African society. Through this initiative, we will amplify the work of activists engaging in non-violent actions to promote Justice, Peace, and Dignity in their communities.

Through the award, Africans Rising will be able to support and connect activists to a larger network of Africans committed to promoting social justice across the continent and in the Diaspora.


The award, which will be presented yearly, will involve public nominations and a voting process supervised by a jury made up of members of Africans Rising’s Coordinating Collective and Core Team.

Below is the criteria for nomination:

  1. The nominee must be African
  2. The nominee must be a member of Africans Rising
  3. The nominee must be 35 years of age or below 
  4. The nominee’s activism must demonstrate their work to combat social injustice
  5. The nominee’s work must be non-violent
  6. The nominee must be able to provide evidence of their work against social injustice for a minimum of two years

Award Timeline

  • Dec. 5 Public nominations Open
  • Dec. 11 Public Nominations Close
  • Dec. 12 - 15 Judges Review Nominations to Determine Final 10 Nominees
  • Dec. 23 Public Voting Open
  • Jan. 5 Public Voting Close
  • Jan.  To be determined


The winner of the 2019 Africans Rising Activist of the Year will be presented with:

  • The official title of Africans Rising Activist of the Year for a year in his or her areas of activism
  • Participation in the Africans Rising Activist in Residence program or an Africans Rising convening in 2020
  • A plaque commemorating the achievement of being the Africans Rising Activist of the Year