The #25May day of Mass Mobilisation for Africans Rising is an outcome of the validation conference of the Africans Rising on August 24th 2016 where Africans (made of African citizens and African descents) agreed that the vision of African unity and genuine liberation of our beautiful continent should be achieved.

25th May, 2020



One of the outcomes of the validation conference, which took place on 23rd and 24th August 2016, in Arusha, Tanzania, (272 people attended the conference from 40 countries on the African continent, and representatives from two in the Diaspora), agreed that it is important to launch the movement on May 25th, 2017 to reclaim the true meaning of African Liberation day and consequently use that day annually to let the government hear the voices of Africans as they advocate for  equitable dividends of good governance. 

Thus, the #25May Day of Mass Mobilisation is a day to mobilise all Africans- grass roots organisations, trade unions, community groups, women’s organisations, faith groups, youth groups, local associations , media, individuals- towards making governments accountable to the promises they have made to the citizens  while commemorating the African Liberation day, also known as Africa Day.

History of 25th May

Over the past few years’ various global institutions and media have repeatedly used the phenomenon of “Africa Rising” to describe the growth story of Africa. It is often reduced to increases in gross domestic product (GDP) of some countries. However, the celebration of this economic growth story takes place while the majority of Africans continue to suffer marginalisation, deep poverty and effects of the rise in inequality. This is not the story of inclusive development that respects the heritage and human rights of all African people. Instead what we see is characterised by the devastation of our natural environment,

the displacement of multiple communities, major land grabs and massive illicit financial flows that deprive the public purse of resources to ensure the delivery of services by governments. Indeed, the challenges Africans face are not that different from those of hundreds of millions of people all over the world. The current economic system is deepening inequality and the level of state capture by the 1% super wealthy in “developed” and “developing” countries is increasingly becoming worrisome. The current economic system is deepening inequality and the level of state capture by the 1% super wealthy in “developed” and “developing” countries.

This Year Activity, 2020

Focusing on the solidarity against the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable populations on the continent, the theme of this year’s mobilization will be: “Active Citizenship in the fight against Covid-19”, #RiseForOurLives. Living under a global health pandemic, it is important that we remember that human rights issues continue to affect communities and we must not lose sight of the important work of advocating for our communities affected by them. This year we will be hosting discussions and activities that address health rights as fundamental human rights.

25th of May 2019

In 2019, the activities of the 25 May mobilization spanned across, Film Screenings, Media engagements, public symposiums, panel discussions and several other activities on Modern Day Slavery around the theme “Africans Not For Sale! Stop Slavery and Human Trafficking”. The activities were aimed at reflecting on…

25th of May 2018

On 25 May 2018, the mobilization was even more massive as hundreds individual actions and events were carried in 54 countries including 6 in the African diaspora mobilizing in total thousands of people around the chosen theme of the year #StopTheBleeding which refers to the struggle against illicit financial flight and the economic plunder of the continent.

25th of May 2017

The African Liberation Day in was unanimously chosen at the Africans Rising Validation Conference at Arusha in 2016 as a day of commitment to mobilising our people in Africa to launch the Movement and deepen the meaning of African Liberation Day as well as also call on all sectors of our society to mobilise and organise events in every African country that will build the momentum towards the genuine liberation of our beautiful continent.

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