Thank you for registering to vote in the first Coordinating Collective (CC) election! It's time for you to decide the future of our Pan-African future by electing passionate leaders who will shape Africans Rising's upcoming commitments and efforts! With 46 Coordinating Collective Nominees, Africans Rising is excited to announce that the voting will open on Tuesday, November 6th 2018 and close on November 30th, 2018 at midnight SAST. You may get to know the CC nominees here and find the Electoral Roll here in order for you to verify your information and eligibility to vote.

You may cast your vote electronically via the online voting system or by email. If a member uses both methods to vote - only the vote received first will be considered and all others will be discarded so there are no duplicate votes on the system.

How to vote using the online system:

1. Between 6 November and 30 November 2018, click here to vote in the 2018 Africans Rising Coordinating Collective election.
2. Enter your email address.
3. Enter in the one-time password (OTP) you received via email – if you did not receive an OTP via email, click the “Resend OTP” button. This OTP is randomly generated and secure. Remember that your OTP is only valid for one vote, so please don’t share it with anyone.
4. Click “Login”
5. On the ballot screen make your selection by clicking in the box next to the candidate of your choice.
6. You may select NINE (9) or less candidates.
7. If you select more than nine candidates, the system will display an error message and will not allow you to proceed to the next step.
8. After making your candidate selection, click the “Confirm” button.
9. Your selected candidates will be displayed.
10. If you made a mistake while completing the voting process, you can click “Change Selection” and restart the process.
11. You may abstain from voting by not selecting any candidates and simply clicking the “Confirm” button.
12. Click “Confirm” to complete the voting process. Once you “Confirm” your final selection you cannot change your selection.
13. You will receive a badge as confirmation of your vote.
14. Please note: The system will reject any subsequent attempts after you complete your first vote.
15. Please note: No duplicate votes will be allowed. The system will display the following message in the event of duplicate votes: “You have already submitted a vote”

How to vote using email:

1. Download and print the ballot paper from Africans Rising website. Africans-Rising-CC-Election-Ballot
2. Select the candidates by making a cross “X” next to the candidates of your choice.
3. Email to [email protected] by the closing date and time of 30 November 2018 at midnight SAST.

 Ballot papers may not be couriered or sent via post.
 The profile of candidates was published on the Africans Rising website and is attached to the ballot paper.
 The ballot paper is by surname and in strict alphabetical order.
 Place a cross (x) only on the ballot paper next to the candidate of your choice. No other mark will be accepted on the ballot paper.
 You may vote for NINE (9) or less but not more than nine (9) candidates.
 A ballot paper is deemed spoilt if:
o The ballot paper has more than the required number of crosses (x).
o Any mark is made on the ballot paper other than the crosses in favour of
the candidates for whom the member votes
 Counting of votes will take place at the EISA Johannesburg office in the presence of observers.

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