Africans Rising has always considered the diaspora as a crucial ally for social movements across the African continent. With their support, we can achieve major global milestones and amplify the voices of our members who are working on the ground. It is with this vision in mind that the coordinators or Africans Rising organised the movement's first ever trip to the United States; on their agenda, they diligently planned meetings with various African diaspora communities based in New York, Chicago and Washington DC. Coumba and Lamin also met with Africans Rising's partners and funders to report on the movement's latest endeavours and strengthen the possibilities for future collaborations.


Among such supporters, they met with teams from UNFP on the Day of the Girl Child to discuss the movement's role to ensure access to sexual & reproductive health and rights to family planning and to prevent gender-based violence in Africa. The coordinators also met with the Executive Director and co-founder of RHIZE. In NYC, the team met with the Novo Foundation and Ford Foundation, Just Society (FJS), Akwasi Aidoo, the Founder of Trust Africa and Amina Muhammed the Secretary-General of the UN. Africans Rising was eager to be present at the Women’s Building Block Party to showcase the different women’s organizations that we work with. Coumba and Lamin were equally excited to attend Congo Week events at PEP People’s Forum in Harlem

In Washington, DC. they met with Wallace Global Fund, the World Bank and attended a lecture on development Africa and the diaspora by Patrick Lo Lumumba at Howard University. In Chicago, Lamin and Coumba met with OSF leaders and the Black Bird Movement. They then visited Martin Luther King’s memorial for inspiration. The coordinators embarked on various media engagements; they appeared on Africa Today with Walter Turner and AfricaNow!

On October 18, Africans Rising organised a U.S. Diaspora Mobilization Convening in Washington, DC, at Institute for Policy Studies with the support of our committed IWG members Marcia Thomas and Emira Wood, movement's ambassador, Nunu Kidane, and a core group of committed individuals with many years of experience in US-Africa relations. This meeting was planned in recognition of the integral role that the African Diaspora in the United States has played historically in advocating for the advancement of human rights across the African continent. The Africans Risings team sees this mobilisation meeting as a jumping point to develop a U.S. mobilisation agenda that deepen existing partnerships and forges new ties with other U.S.-based Diaspora organizations. The attendees of the convening included key players in the U.S. diaspora specializing in areas such as arts & culture, U.S. militarism, economic justice, labour, migration, policy, and international human rights.


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