The Mouvement Panafricain des Leaders (MPL) was born in Dakar in February 2017. Ever since then, the movement has experienced an immense deal of growth across the continent. MPL is an apolitical movement; it aspires to be a platform for the promotion of pan-Africanism. Africans Rising collaborated with MPL to organise a forum that was attended by over 200 young Africans from over 25 countries. The forum aimed to mobilize all Africans to guarantee the triumph of the pan-Africanist ideology of democracy, freedom, social justice, equality and tolerance.

During this gathering, many rich discussions unfolded during which delegates addressed their concerns about the lack of a just implementation of development strategies and appropriate economic opportunities for African youth. Coumba Toure facilitated conversations about the role of women in safeguarding the values of pan-Africanism as well as continental social movements, free trade in Africa and launched a book club in tribute to Egyptian economist Samir Amin.

30% of young people in decision-making bodies is the main resolution that the MPL forum participants have strongly committed to achieving in their respective countries. Africa. These young people are ready to change mentalities and challenge the status quo! Watch out world!
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