Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity would like to congratulate Lala Touray from The Gambia on being voted as the 2018 Africans Rising Anti-Corruption Champion.
Congratulation Lala!

20 years old Lala is an award-winning Gambian Poet and CEO of Kids Community Library Foundation. In 2017, Lala started the “Gambia in-Depth” project which she has used as a platform to sensitize and raise awareness about corruption, unemployment, poor education system, poverty, the culture of silence, and bad governance in The Gambia. In her pursuit to fight corruption, Lala recently created a video which brought to life issues that our Gambians brothers and sisters are constantly battling against, namely corruption in leadership and institutions. As the winner of the contest, Lala is officially crowned as Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity’s 2018 Anti-Corruption Champion. She is the first of 10 African activists to be invited to our 2nd cohort of Activists in Residence, a program that will take place in October 2018.

We would also like to congratulate the second runner-up, 25 years old Nelson Komba from Kenya. Nelson has an equally impressive track record of fighting corruption, he wrote a book titled “24 Hours of Equality ” which takes a critical look at corruption and how it can be tackled to ensure a more sustainable economic development in Africa. 24 Hours of Equality highlights the cross-cutting systems if corruption throughout our continent and how the formation of integrity clubs in schools will serve as a project to train leaders about ethics in leadership.

As Africans Rising, we intend to use this competition to unravel African activists championing the fight against corruption through multidisciplinary forms of expression. We believe that it has inspired many among us to continue working together to clamp down on corruption.

Africans Rising is grateful to all the participants in this competition. We were thrilled to learn about all the creative and innovative tools which many of you have developed to denounce the corruption that has plagued the economic growth of the peoples of Africa.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the hundreds of voters that helped us select our very first Anti-Corruption Champion and we are looking forward to keeping you updated on the work of our champions.

More on Anti-Corruption Champion Contest

Africans Rising for peace, justice, and dignity opened the applications for the first edition of its Anti-Corruption Champion competition. The competition is meant to unravel African activists championing the fight against corruption and to create awareness about African Corruption fighters by giving them the opportunity to work with fellow activists across the continent.

The competition is open to all Africans and applications can be submitted in the forms of a song, poem, video, article, event or caricature which is focused on raising denouncing corruption and holding leaders accountable. Applications and voting for 2018 are now closed.

The winner of the contest will be offered an Anti-Corruption ambassadorship with Africans Rising and will receive a paid trip to join other inspiring young Activists in the yearly Africans Rising Activists in Residence program to take place in, Arusha, Tanzania.

We would like to sincerely thank all our members who participated in this competition by submitting their projects and ideas from across the continent and the diaspora. We were amazed by the number of outstanding submissions and we really hope to have a chance to continue engaging and working with you to achieve The Africa We Want.


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