Africans Rising co-sponsored a Women Peace Forum which was held in Buea, Cameroon between July 31st to August 1st 2018. In partnership with the Center for Human Rights and Democracy (CHRDA) we brought together over a hundred women leaders from North West and South West Cameroon to take part in discussions on movement building, peacebuilding, violent extremism, and women-led advocacy.

The objective of the forum was to create a platform for women CSO leaders to establish a peacebuilding movement that works to restore peace in the region and pioneer solutions for the anglophone - francophone divide that has left hundreds of people dead and over 200,000 displaced individuals across the anglophone part of Cameroon.

Africans Rising’s co-coordinator Coumba Toure and Collaboration & Engagement coordinator Farida Bemba Nabourema met with and interviewed women who are fiercely leading humanitarian efforts in the region, women who endured torture and those who had to provide for their families whilst being internally displaced. The mission shed the light on their challenges and grievances in order for Africans Rising to amplify their voices.


Indeed upon her return to Dakar, Senegal, Coumba Toure shared insights and testimonies based on her encounters in Buea during the Women For Peace Forum. In an Urgent Press Conference at Ejicom, she stressed the need for collective actions to condemn the violent attacks on Civilians in the anglophone region as well as the role of African journalists and media experts in spreading the word about the atrocities that are destroying entire villages. Africans Rising will continue supporting activists who are working on the ground and following back with the Women for Peace participants.

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