Dear Africans Rising members,
We are more than 40,000 in this movement and in this period of crisis, we all appeal to your great faith in social justice because it alone can save humanity. As we confront the threat of Covid-19, we appeal to the spirit of solidarity that led you to join Africans Rising by asking you to play your part so that together, we can curb this pandemic.

Please follow the various WHO recommendations on methods to prevent the spread of this virus and share them with your loved ones.

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Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people working for

We are determined to foster an Africa-wide solidarity and unity of purpose of the Peoples of Africa to build the Future we want – a right to peace, social inclusion and shared prosperity. Africans Rising amplifies broad demands connecting struggles, building solidarity & cooperation within & amongst campaigns for social, economic, environmental and gender justice. We do this with movements, people, civil society organisations, governments, artists, business, and others – based on our shared support for the Kilimanjaro Declaration.


Over the past few years various global institutions and media have repeatedly referred to the phenomenon of “Africa Rising” to describe the growth story of Africa. continue reading


Our vision, as outlined in the Kilimanjaro Declaration, is a decentralised, citizen-owned future that will build support for local struggles, and immerse activists in the grassroots work of building bottom-up social movements beyond borders... continue reading

Our Work

As a growing movement with a broad Pan-African remit, we are currently focusing on:

Improving Accountability & Ending Corruption

Improving the ability of people and organisations to hold their governments accountable to more open governance and ending the political impunity that drives corruption.

Freedom of Expression

Ensuring that peoples' inherent rights to express and engage in public discourse and, access and enjoy their freedoms.

Providing General Support to Activists

Africans Rising is involved in actions and projects that are aimed to provide general support to activists throughout the continent.

Born and raised between Mali and Senegal, Coumba Toure is a writer and storyteller. She publishes children’s stories and organizes art events for children through Falia

A Gambian citizen Human Rights Activist, Muhammed Lamin was instrumental in organising widespread protests in 2017 leading to Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh’s downfall. 

Individual Giving

Our core duty is to foster solidarity among all Africans and we do that by hosting and co-creating events, key actions, and campaigns. We are constantly working to amplify our efforts and impact, but we can only do that with your support. Please donate to Africans Rising so that together we can build the #AfricaWeWant.