About Our Work

Africans Rising amplifies broad demands connecting struggles, building solidarity & cooperation within & amongst campaigns for social, economic, environmental and gender justice. We do this with movements, people, civil society organisations, governments, artists, business, and others – based on a shared support for the Kilimanjaro Declaration.

As a growing movement, with a broad Pan-African remit, we are currently focussing on: Improving Accountability & Ending Corruption - improving the ability of people and organisations to hold their governments accountable to more open governance and; ending the political impunity that drives corruption and, Freedom of Expression - ensuring that people’s inherent rights to express and engage in the public discourse and, access and enjoy their freedoms.

The major themes of our work include:

  • Expand space for civic and political action
  • Fight for women’s rights and freedoms across society
  • Focus our struggles on the right to Equity and Dignity
  • Demanding good governance as we fight corruption and impunity
  • Demand climate and environmental justice

As a light touch, catalysing movement, Africans Rising supports, amplifies & co-creates actions & events throughout the year, with African Liberation Day [Africa Day] on 25 May being the annual apex organising moment.

Our work methods include:

  • Alliance building as a means to build the movement from below and beyond borders, establishing a solidarity framework from grassroots to the continental levels. These alliances should push back against repressive laws through the institutions and the mass movement itself.
  • Strategic Convening brought to the fore the need for and value-add of face-to- face and smaller group meetings as a way to build campaigns from the ground up.
  • Mapping of resources across the continent from smaller movements to larger networks is essential for Africans Rising to succeed in leveraging this mass support to address the systemic causes of poverty and inequality. Data gathering and sharing within ethical open frameworks is essential to building, consolidating and sharing knowledge.
  • Africans Rising prefers to be present along the way through the processes initiated on the ground, avoiding simple solidarity actions and preferring accompaniment as better reflecting the values and ideals of the movement.
  • Cooperation, Solidarity, Working together to build the #AfricaWeWant