Do you want to boost Renewable Energy in Africa?

GET A CHANCE to have your project featured at the Global Climate Divest Invest Summit

Greetings from Africans Rising,

Are you currently working on a way to make the African continent a place for renewable energy or to reduce fossil fuel investments? Would you like to have your project or organization featured at the next DivestInvest Summit, 10-11 September in Cape Town at Two Oceans Aquarium, South Africa? Please send us a mail at [email protected]g before August 26th, 2019 with a one-pager conceptual note with a picture describing your project and your full contact information.

If you are not yet a member of Africans Rising, read and sign the Kilimandjaro Declaration and join the movement before submitting your project.

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Information about the Conference

The world is building towards the greatest capital shift in history, from the fossil fuel past to the
renewable energy future. With little time left before we lock in irreversible climate impacts,
governments, investors and civil society must redouble their efforts.

The fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment movement has emerged as one of the bright
spots in the climate fight, mobilizing trillions of dollars in service to the energy transition. To support
this growing movement, the Wallace Global Fund,, GreenFaith, the Global Catholic Climate
Movement, Divest Invest, the Shine Campaign, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, and Fossil
Free South Africa are organizing a Global Divest Invest Summit in Cape Town, South Africa this

As the birthplace of the anti-Apartheid divestment movement, South Africa has unparalleled
symbolism and emotional resonance to serve as host for the summit. More broadly, the significance
of the conference’s location in the Global South cannot be overstated: The fossil fuel industry is
vying to be the engine of rapid economic development in the region at the same time that the
climate crisis demands we leapfrog dirty energy in favor of clean, distributed renewable energy
systems. This is especially poignant for the 1 billion+ people in the developing world who still lack
basic energy access.

Objectives of the Conference:
1. To build momentum for the global Divest Invest movement by convening cities, faith-based
organizations, foundations and universities for an interactive program that provides tools
and resources to align capital with climate goals.
2. To provide a platform for new Divest Invest announcements and for the release of a
high-level statement from movement leaders challenging the global community to leave
fossil fuels in the ground.
3. To showcase the movement’s increasing foothold in the Global South, underscoring the
urgent need for investments that help developing nations leapfrog dirty development and
provide clean energy access.

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