Over 100 African activists and academics from 52 of 54 African countries sign letter to Eritrean head of state Monday, 10th June 2019 DEAR MR PRESIDENT, PLEASE WELCOME US TO ERITREA AFRICAN DEMOCRACY ADVOCATES, JOURNALISTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS ASK TO VISIT THEIR INCARCERATED COLLEAGUES IN ERITREA One hundred (100) leading African journalists, democracy and

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Solidarity Declaration by African Activists in Support of the Togolese Struggle

We, a collective of African activists from 11 countries across the continent, came together in Arusha, Tanzania to deliberate, mobilize and build solidarity for the democratic struggle of the Togolese people against the neocolonial, dynastic dictatorship of Faure Gnassingbe. A brutal dynasty that is in its 51st year of the usurpation of the power of

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Joining Forces, Sharing Power: Civil Society Collaborations for the Future

Without the support of external funding, the life expectancy of many – if not most – organizations is dramatically low. To avoid these near-choking levels of dependency, CSOs are developing creative strategies to be more self-reliant. Increasingly, we are working together with actors that are more grounded in the communities they serve rather than with traditional governments and multilateral institutions and devising collaborative methods that differ significantly from donor-recipient constructions.