Africans Rising, Movement for Black lives and other movements across the continent and the Diaspora stand with the People of Sudan

We stand in solidarity with our people in Sudan who are in the midst of violent repression at the hands of a military force. We also condemn the foreign governments who have contributed to the violence and the corporations who benefit. We see this attack as an assault on us all and demand an immediate end

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Is the price-tag of the Israeli investment too high for Ghana?

As we confront the challenges of poverty, unemployment, economic liberation and creating a better future for the Ghanaian people, we must also support those who are yet to achieve their liberation, and yet to begin the process of decolonisation, such as the occupied and colonised Palestinian people. A free and independent Ghana became home to anti-colonial activists, exiles and asylum seekers on the continent and beyond. Kwame Nkrumah offered them material support and a venue from which they could organise and negotiate their future.