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Call for Applications: Activists in Residence (AiR)

Application Deadline: September 27, 2019

Residency dates: 16th November – 30th November, 2019.

Location: MSTCDC, Arusha, Tanzania



AiR Programme is a residency programme that was developed as a practical response to the multiple struggles and demands on the different activists and other human rights defenders in their day-to-day efforts. The residency brings together activists working on a diverse range of social issues in very risky environments for 10 days at MS TCDC to network and acquire technical tools that they can use to organize and mobilize more efficiently and safely.


In the course of the 10 days, the activists will get to reflect on one another’s work, will participate in a documentation seminar meant to teach them the techniques of journaling and the importance of documenting their work. With their documentation coach, they will each choose an approach that better suits their skills and their needs and will submit a prototype of their documentation experiment at the end of the residency.


In addition, the activists will receive a training on digital security and social media activism through which they will learn to reduce the risks of government surveillance and learn from more experienced activists on how to protect and defend the digital civic space which has become a powerful platform for social advocacy.


Goals of AiR

  • Activists will receive an intensive training on digital rights advocacy and digital security
  • Activists will get a chance to learn from more experienced activists who have been successful in their campaigns
  • Activists will learn techniques of journaling and how to document their work.
  • Activists will will learn about inclusivity as related to their work
  • Activists will train on digital security to improve their knowledge on how to navigate the internet safely and how to remain active during internet shutdowns.
  • Activists will develop a post residency advocacy campaign on promoting and defending digital rights to be implemented once they return to their respective countries.


How to Apply

To be considered for this residency, submit your application (after reading the guidelines and criteria below) by filling out the  AiR 2019 Residency Application. If you experience any issues while submitting your application online, please contact us via  [email protected]

P.S: We do not accept applications sent by email. Only the applicants  who have filled the online application form will be considered.

Link to form: https://forms.gle/vWeeuWRX7qizY73C7


Activists Profile:

The organisers of this residency invites applications from Africans at different levels of their activism career, and the program will be mostly made of activists that operate in repressive political environments.


Duration & Logistics:

The AiR residency programme will run for 10 days – minus travel time. Entrants who are admitted to the November 2019 programme will be announced at the end of October 2019 to provide sufficient time for the residency preparation. Participants will be provided with a round trip air ticket from their respective countries to Arusha, Tanzania. The programme will also cover all costs associated with the Activists while in residence including full board accommodation and medical insurance for the duration of the programme. A modest stipend will be given to the Activists to cater for their personal needs while at TCDC for the duration of AiR.


The AiR post residency program will cover a period of 6 months following the residency. The Activists will carry within these 6 months an advocacy campaign promoting and defending digital rights in their country. They will also train their peers on digital security within that time frame.



The AiR program has three sections: the pre-residency, the residency and the post residency. All activists are required to partake in each section. The pre and post residency are to be held remotely and the activists must have a  virtual workstation to participate in the online meetings.

Please make sure you have a valid passport that will not be expiring within 6 months of the residency program before applying.


Last date to send in your application for AiR Residency is September 27, 2019.


*The AiR Residency is being organized as a collaboration between MS ActionAid Denmark and Africans Rising and will be held at the MS-Training Centre for Development and Cooperation in Arusha, Tanzania.

Activist in Residence

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